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Researchers from online retailer Hairtrade.com have revealed 19 New Year’s resolutions to help beauty conscious Brits up their game over the next twelve months.

Their guidelines to adopt also include: applying foundation before concealer to avoid dilution over trouble spots, getting suitably smart at meal times and taking a range of extra precautions for holiday hair. 

“January 2019 can be a fresh start for hair and beauty regimes. From eating appropriately and thinking eco-friendly, to taking care of product collections and cutting out silly mistakes, there are plenty of steps that stylish women, and men, can take. In fact, our researchers have revealed 19 of their top tips for 2019, so that anyone can resolve to have a better hair and beauty regime in the New Year.” – Spokesman for Hairtrade.com 

Here are the 19 hair and beauty resolutions for 2019 Hairtrade.com:

  1. Think eco-friendly

Looking glamourous is no excuse for harming the planet, but beauty conscious Brits can reduce the environmental impact of their regimes by cutting waste. Eco-friendly choices include using a washable alternative to cotton pads for removing make-up at the end of each day, finding a reusable stainless steel razor, being quicker in the shower to save water and avoiding single-use plastic where possible.

  1. Let hair dry naturally

When there’s time, allow hair to dry naturally rather than using a rough towel or damaging hot blow-dryer. At the very least, use appropriate heat protection products and don’t pull hair downward whilst drying it.

  1. Don’t apply mascara to lower lashes

 It’s time to stop applying mascara to lower lashes – it makes eyes look smaller and darker, as well as leading to smudges. If a single swipe of mascara on the upper lashes doesn’t giving eyes a sufficient boost, switch to a thicker formula rather than applying multiple, clumpy layers.

  1. Say no to the ponytail

 Avoid tying hair into tight ponytails, which can cause breakage and scalp stress especially with dryer hair; opt for a soft pinned up or half down look instead.

  1. Don’t over-exfoliate

Exfoliation improves complexion, but too much can cause skin to become dry and be more susceptible to redness and acne, so less is more and remember to moisturise afterwards. 

  1. Remove make-up before going to bed

Leaving make-up on overnight prevents skin from renewing itself and can cause damage, as well as contributing to dirty and blocked pores which lead to breakouts, so always take it all off before going to sleep.

  1. Keep hair hydrated

Remember to use hair moisturiser and styling products to maintain a sleek look and avoid frizz. Use a clarifying or anti-dandruff shampoo to remove products and moisturise the scalp; also employ conditioner on all hair, not just the ends.

  1. Have a more regular trim

Going for a frequent haircut (just a trim, rather than a restyle), around every eight weeks or so, will get rid of split ends and help hair grow more healthily.

  1. Clean hair and beauty equipment

Many glamourous Brits are guilty of allowing their brushes, combs and other tools to collect bacteria, debris and residue which could acne, infections or irritations. 2019 should be the year beauty fans get extra hygienic, but there’s no need for expensive cleaning products; warm, soapy water should do the trick.


  1. Secure product collections

Beauty bags can contain hundreds of pounds worth of contents, from perfumes, moisturisers and hair care essentials to the full range of make-up products, so make sure they aren’t carelessly thrown around and are adequately protected when unattended. 

  1. Eat well for hair

To help take care of hair, Brits should eat protein rich food that will assist growth, consume plenty of vitamin D (which is found in high quantities in salmon, mackerel, tuna, egg yolks and mushrooms) and drink lots of water.

  1. Eat well for skin

There are also lots of foods that beauty enthusiasts can chose to help keep skin healthy, vibrant, youthful and rich in all the right nutrients. Garlic can prevent breakouts and maintains clear skin, blueberries and kiwi are packed full of antioxidants as well as vitamin C for firm and strong skin, and tomatoes contain the anti-aging antioxidant lycopene. Meanwhile, spinach’s beta-carotene, vitamin C and E content helps protect against UV rays and prevent wrinkles, whilst the oils in avocado give the body monosaturated fatty acids which are great for reducing the appearance of aging in skin.

  1. Apply foundation before concealer

Don’t put foundation over concealer, as it will thin out any that’s placed strategically over a blemish; instead gently dab concealer over foundation, where a trouble spot isn’t completely covered.

  1. Bin expired make-up

Most make-up will have a use by date printed on it for a very good reason, so if old products are starting to pile up, remember to throw them out and fetch replacements; using products beyond their expiry date could cause harm.

  1. Avoid alcohol-based toners

The reassuring tight skin sensation felt after using alcohol-based toners isn’t actually a good thing; it’s a sign the skin is starting to dry out, so chose an alcohol-free alternative instead.

  1. Stop wasting beauty products

Drop firmly sealed containers into a bowl of hot water to loosen dried or gloopy product inside, or to release stuck lids. Also, cut open tubes where possible to scrape out every last drop of product and use packaging tape to bad away hard film that develops on pressed powders.

  1. Protect hair on holiday

Jetting off to a land of sun, sea and sand can be a nightmare for hair, so remember to remove dry and split ends before travelling, apply sun cream to the scalp, rinse thoroughly after swimming, brush less with a wider comb and use conditioner.

  1. Store make-up wisely

Storing beauty products in a warm bathroom full of hot steam or too close to a radiator is a major faux-pas, as this can start to melt and damage products. Think of make-up just like food when it comes to storage – that means find a cool, dry place and even consider the fridge for particularly vulnerable products.

  1. Think carefully about trends

Beauty conscious Brits shouldn’t be swept up by every new fashion in 2019 and be constantly changing their hairstyle or make-up regime based on their favourite celebrities’ choices. Instead be an individual that stays true to tried and tested personal style; try something new because you want to, if and when you think it could work, rather than completely following famous faces.



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