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A rug is much more than a cosy floor cover to add comfort underfoot. Rugs are also a great way to introduce the latest interior trends into the home. Daniel Prendergast, design director at www.therugseller.co.uk, one of the UK’s largest dedicated online rug retailers, provides a round-up of the interior trends he expects to take off in 2018, along with advice on the best rugs to ‘get the look’.

The trends include:

  • Souvenir – artisan rugs inspired by global travel
  • Reflect – grand luxurious rugs reflective of bygone eras
  • Herringbone – get the classic pattern with a cosy rug
  • Natural Edge – botanical rugs and natural materials
  • Monochrome – high impact black and white rugs
  • Japandi – Japanese/Scandinavian fusion


TREND #1 – Souvenir

 Daniel says:

“Global travel informs a colourful trend that celebrates handmade and artisan goods from around the world.  Rugs with fringes, tassels and embellishments, colourful handwoven mats and rugs with mark-making or ‘tribal’ designs create an eclectic, bohemian vibe in the home.”

“We spent huge amounts of time researching and sourcing authentic products from across the globe, including from major importers and manufacturers in Belgium, India, Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan and China. Products such as our round orange Faro and Zira rugs not only look great in the home, they’re incredibly hard wearing. These particular products are hand-braided and woven/stitched in India with 100% Jute, a shiny, vegetable fibre spun in course, strong threads for an attractive and durable floor covering.”


TREND #2 – Reflect  

Daniel says:

“A union of traditional and contemporary styles will resonate with homeowners striving for classical, elegant living spaces. This look is all about drawing inspiration from the past and incorporating luxurious fabrics such as marble, velvet and muted metallics to elevate ordinary rooms. There’s an air of antiquity about this trend, so look to the grand spaces in stately homes, museums and libraries for inspiration where traditional rugs are a mainstay.  Stick to subdued and understated colours such as smouldering charcoal, metallic neutrals and emerald green.”

TREND #3 – Herringbone

Daniel says:

“For those who adore the classic appearance of herringbone floor but aren’t enamoured with the draughty exposed wood that goes with it, a cosy rug featuring the distinct design is a great way to get the look.  Choose realistic muted wood tones or alternatively throw in some colour with a bright teal chevron.”

TREND #4 – Natural Edge

Daniel says:

“Driven by the human desire to be near to or ‘at one’ with nature, this trend brings together raw materials, flora and fauna and botanical forms. An ‘unplugged’ approach promotes the idea of ‘wellness’ through calming/relaxing interiors, as well as caring for the environment. Achieve the look with rugs weaved from jute, hessian and other natural/organic materials. Indoor vegetation is a key feature, but for those who don’t have green fingers, rug designs that mimic the natural forms and plant life are a great way to ‘bring the outdoors in’.”

TREND #5 Monochrome

Daniel says:

“A black and white rug can look really striking, creating a bold focal point within a room.  Geometric designs work well for this look or why not go wild and incorporate some zebra print?”


TREND #6 – Japandi

The clean lines of Scandinavian décor have fused with Japanese influences to form an emerging interior design movement; coined Japandi. Within this trend, the Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi (which finds beauty in the imperfect) can be applied. Following the Wabi-Sabi way of life means not being too prescriptive or overly tidy; frayed materials, crinkled fabrics and unfinished edges are celebrated. A rug featuring Japanese art – dragon or koi carp motifs – can bring an oriental influence to homes and outdoor living spaces. Blonde wood, soft geometrics, matt accessories and functional/uncomplicated furniture are other key features of this trend.






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