4 of the Most Romantic Destinations to Visit with Your Partner

By Glossy Magazine

view of Positano, Italy

4 of the Most Romantic Destinations to Visit with Your Partner

view of Positano, Italy

Whatever a romantic getaway looks like to you, there are just some places in the world that have a romantic undercurrent that few couples can resist. And luckily for you, these destinations are equipped with plenty of accommodation and activities that are perfectly suited to couples. 

Whether you fancy a week by the beach, trapesing through the beautiful, cobbled streets of the Mediterranean or snorkelling in tropical reefs, here are a few destinations that will set your heart on fire and send you head over heels.

Santorini, Greece

Perhaps the most romantic of all the Greek islands, Santorini has a special place in the hearts of lovebirds. Perhaps it’s because of its other-worldly feel, located in its own, blue-domed bubble that is absolutely pristine in every way.

Many hotels come with their own infinity pool, making for the perfect spot to soak in the surrounding coastline and glimpse nearby islands. And for the adventurers amongst you, there are caves to discover and walks to be enjoyed all around the island.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Surrounded by staggering cliffs, in which dainty, picturesque villages are built, and with a horizon that stretches as far as the eye can see, there’s undeniable magic along the Amalfi Coast in southern Italy. Brightly coloured houses add to the charming personality of the whole area, all offering staggering views over the shops, restaurants and ocean.

As well as all the culture and food to be found in the villages, there are also plenty of opportunities for outdoor pursuits. From water sports to resplendent hikes and hidden swimming spots, take an Italy tour to discover everything this area has to offer.

Seychelles, The Maldives

1,600 km off the coast of Africa, The Maldives really is in world of its own. Completely remote and only accessible by a few airlines, islands like Seychelles afford you plenty of space and privacy, making it the perfect destination for a couple. Indeed, not a single tourist crowd is anywhere to be seen. 

It’s a hub of luxury, with most accommodations offering infinity pools, bespoke service and spas so you can get pampered together. Of course, there are miles and miles of pristine beaches, most of which you can enjoy for yourselves. And if you need the thrill of adventure, there’s plenty to be discovered in the lush forest that covers most of the island.

Paris, France

Paris is known as the City of Love for a reason. One of the most romantic cities in the world, it has plenty for couples to enjoy. Stroll the Seine before stopping at any of the riverside bars for a glass of wine, enjoy world-class cuisine, take in the incredible art and enjoy the glittering Eiffel tower at night, another glass o’ rouge in hand.