5 Colour Ideas for Your Bedroom: Inspired by Instagram

By Glossy Magazine

5 Colour Ideas for Your Bedroom: Inspired by Instagram

5 Colour Ideas for Your Bedroom: Inspired by Instagram

5 Colour Ideas for Your Bedroom: Inspired by Instagram

Exploring bedroom colour trends can significantly enhance the feel and aesthetic of your space. Instagram, a hub for home décor inspiration, showcases a variety of trending shades that can transform any bedroom into a stylish retreat. Drawing insights from a study by Furniture Village, this article delves into the most popular bedroom colours on the platform, revealing how they can create the perfect ambiance for relaxation and style.

The Rise of Pink: The Instagram Favourite

Contrary to the longstanding dominance of neutral tones, pink has emerged as the leading colour choice for bedrooms on Instagram, amassing a staggering 85,000 hashtags. This vibrant colour is not just about visual appeal; it’s known for its calming effects which evoke feelings of warmth and love. Furniture Village notes, “Pink is the perfect colour for a romantic bedroom,” a sentiment echoed by the 12.8 thousand posts under #romanticbedroom. This hue fits seamlessly into various themes and dreamy bedroom colour ideas, including the popular #farmhousebedroom with 105 thousand posts, demonstrating its versatile appeal.

The Timeless Appeal of Neutrals

Neutral colours maintain their appeal due to their incredible versatility. The hashtag #neutralbedroom itself has 81.7 thousand posts, illustrating its popularity among Instagram users. Neutrals can anchor a space, allowing decorators to introduce pops of colour or maintain a monochrome palette. They can also be perfect when decorating Boho bedrooms. The hashtag #bohobedrooms has 267 thousand posts, highlighting the beloved style. As Furniture Village suggests, “A new rug and scatter cushions can revitalise a neutral bedroom effortlessly,” proving that subtle changes can have a significant impact.

Going Grey: Sleek and Sophisticated

Grey bedrooms, featured in 71.1 thousand Instagram posts, offer a minimalist yet sophisticated charm. This colour is a favourite for those seeking a modern and understated look, as seen in the 22.1 thousand posts under #minimalistbedroom. According to Furniture Village, “Grey can easily be glammed-out with the right furniture,” making it ideal for those who prefer a more luxurious feel, such as using mirrored cabinets to complement the grey decor.

The Calming Effect of Blue

Blue bedrooms, with 34.9 thousand hashtags, are highly sought after for their tranquil and soothing qualities. This colour promotes relaxation, making it ideal for a restful sleep environment. From deep navy suitable for modern aesthetics to soft pastels perfect for coastal themes, blue is incredibly adaptable. The versatility of blue is further underscored by its popularity in both #modernbedrooms (173K posts) and more traditional settings.

Green: Nature’s Hue in Your Bedroom

The connection between green and nature’s tranquillity continues to draw Instagram users, with #greenbedroom accumulating 31 thousand posts. Whether it’s a deep emerald for an Art Deco theme or a light sage for a #cottagebedroom (which has 24.4K posts), green offers a refreshing palette that can suit various styles. The popularity of green in bedroom designs reflects a broader trend towards bringing the serenity of nature indoors, perfect for creating a peaceful haven.


The colours highlighted on Instagram not only reflect current trends but also offer insights into creating dreamy bedroom environments. These hues range from vibrant and energetic to soft and serene, providing options for everyone’s taste and style. For those inspired to revamp their bedrooms, Furniture Village offers a plethora of ideas and furnishings to bring these dreamy bedroom colour ideas to life. Whether you are looking to update a single element or overhaul your entire bedroom, embracing these popular colours can significantly enhance the beauty and functionality of your space.