5 Fun Bingo Games to Try

By Glossy Magazine

5 Fun Bingo Games to Try

5 Fun Bingo Games to Try

5 Fun Bingo Games to Try

Bingo is a staple British pastime and has been a cultural mainstay since the 1960s. Whether you prefer to take a trip to your local bingo hall or play online at home, this game of chance is a great way to spend your free time and potentially win some prizes. 

Of course, we have our favourite bingo games, but it might be time to give it a refresh and widen your gaming horizons a bit. You could be missing the opportunity to hit the jackpot and win big

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to change up your game and feel excited about bingo again, look no further. Here are five fun bingo games you can try: 

75-Ball Bingo 

There are many different types of bingo games out there, but one of the most popular forms is 75-ball bingo. This is typically what comes to mind when you think of ‘traditional’ bingo and is also known as pattern bingo. 

Cards are split up into 5×5 grids filled with numbers, except the centre square which gives you the advantage to start finding patterns. Players can use multiple cards throughout the game but only a minimum of one is needed to take part. 

Deal Or No Deal 

Deal or No Deal bingo is exciting and allows players to either raise or lower their stakes to win seven possible cash prizes. It is based on a popular TV show and works on a line-by-line basis, so the first player to have all the numbers displayed in a horizontal line on their ticket wins the first prize. 

When a player wins the Full House prize, they qualify for a Deal by the Banker. You can choose to accept the prize on offer or take a prize in your chosen box at the start of the game. To really switch it up, you could swap the box if another one is remaining. 

Swap Bingo 

For something completely out of the usual, Swap Bingo is for you. You and other players periodically swap bingo sheets to add some extra excitement to the game. Swapping seats or cards instantly elevates the energy of the game. 

An extra bonus is that everyone gets a few more minutes to check the cards and fewer bingo prizes are being handed out. Not to mention, it’s a great way to make new friends – especially if you’re playing in person. 

30-Ball Bingo 

This game is quicker and easier to grasp than 75-ball bingo. Players have a ticket that is only 3×3 and every line has three numbers, ranging from one to 30. You can’t win by completing a line this time, you need to complete all nine numbers on your ticket. 

30-ball bingo is not typically found in bingo halls but it’s ideal for playing on a tablet or online if you have a spare few minutes. 

80-Ball Bingo 

80-ball bingo was previously known as Shutterboard bingo as players were required to shut a window over the number as it was called, rather than dabbing it out. Players have a 4×4 grid with each column presented in a different colour. 

Numbers one through 80 are called out and players mark them off using a dabber. The most important rule to remember with this one – the more random the numbers, the better chances you have of a payout.