5 Things to Do If You Get Sick While Travelling

By Glossy Magazine

5 Things to Do If You Get Sick While Travelling

5 Things to Do If You Get Sick While Travelling

5 Things to Do If You Get Sick While Travelling

There’s a reason so many people love travelling, and if they’re not getting ready to board a plane and go on an adventure, they’re planning their next trip. However, as enjoyable and liberating as travel can be, you can encounter some problems. One of the most common problems people face is getting sick while travelling, which affects even the most seasoned globetrotters. So what should you do if you get sick abroad? 

Don’t Ignore It 

You want to have a great time while travelling, so you don’t want to let anything get in your way. However, ignoring sickness, injuries, and other health issues is the worst thing you could do. Illnesses like dengue fever or malaria can cause dehydration, especially in humid countries, so if you don’t take action, you will only make things worse and could suffer long-lasting consequences. If you feel unwell, do something about it immediately. 

Alert Your Travel Companions 

Most people travel with friends, family, or partners. If you feel unwell, you need to alert your travel companions as soon as possible so they are not caught off guard if you suddenly vomit or faint. Since some illnesses can make it impossible to get out of bed, your travel companions can help you, whether they alert the hotel or hostel staff or go out and buy medicine for you. If your condition doesn’t improve, you’ll need to take things further. 

Find A Local Doctor 

Sometimes, people are okay after sleeping off a fever or illness. However, if the problem persists for longer than a day, you need to find a local doctor. While travelling, you might get the benefit of bulk billing doctors, especially those who specialise in travellers and backpackers. It’s worth finding a travel doctor rather than a local practice since they will understand you better and be more clear about what’s wrong and how to treat your sickness. 

Check Your Insurance Policy 

No one should travel without insurance, so check your policy when you can. The information should highlight what you’re covered for and detail how to make a claim if you need to. Your travel companions can also read through this policy for you if you’re too sick to focus, and they will pass on the information to you once you’re ready to hear it. 

Get Some Rest 

You wouldn’t force yourself to do anything while sick when you’re at home, so don’t try to do things if you become unwell while travelling. This issue can disrupt your travel plans, especially if you’re too sick to fly, but taking a day’s rest can be hugely beneficial. It’s worth contacting your airline or bus company to inform them you’re unable to travel at the moment to see if they can arrange for you to get on a different flight or bus. 

Travel Bug 

Getting sick is the one travel bug you don’t want but you never know what could happen if you eat some dodgy food or get an infection. These tips can help you get back to your best immediately and ensure your trip isn’t wasted. You might need to spend a few days in hospital or on antibiotics, but at least it’s a story to tell when you get home.