6 Ways to Make Your First Date a Success (+ Bonus Tips!)

By Glossy Magazine

6 Ways to Make Your First Date a Success (+ Bonus Tips!)

6 Ways to Make Your First Date a Success (+ Bonus Tips!)

6 Ways to Make Your First Date a Success (+ Bonus Tips!)

You experience a lot of emotions when you’ve got a date lined up. You find yourself constantly thinking about that person and you’re genuinely excited to get to know them better. But, with excitement comes feelings of anxiety and nervousness – and that’s totally normal! However, sometimes those anxious thoughts can leave you with doubts about yourself, whether it’s your personality, the way you look, or the date you have planned out. Either way, you want this date to go well in hopes for a second, third and fourth date too. So, let’s take a look at how you can eliminate those anxieties and plan a date that you won’t forget in a hurry.

Get a haircut

While scruffy hair can work for many men, you want your date to notice how much of an effort you’ve made for your first date, so the first thing you should concentrate on is your hair. There’s nothing quite like a fresh cut, so why not go to the barbers and try something new? There are lots of trending hairstyles for men at the moment, so speak to your barber about a hairstyle that will compliment your facial features.

If you’ve got a bald spot(s) that you’re feeling a little self conscious about, then there are lots of solutions you could try. Firstly, you should look into hair loss treatments for the future but right now, you’re probably looking for more of a quick fix. Head to a local beauty store and look for hair thickening spray. It contains small fibres that you spray onto your head to make your hair look thicker and mask any balding. You’ll need to pick the right colour, but it’s a great quick fix if it’s something that’s really bothering you.

Remember that your beard is just as important! Make sure you’ve got it trimmed and styled too. While you’re at the beauty store, pick up some beard oil which will help make your beard look and feel amazing. Perfect if you do get a good night kiss after your date!

Pick out a new fragrance

The way you smell will make a huge difference too. Not only is it nice to smell great for your date, but it will help give you an extra boost in confidence too. While we don’t need to tell you that having a shower before your date is probably a good idea, you could also go the extra mile and pick out a nice aftershave to put on before you go out too.

But, if you’re not usually the type to wear aftershave or haven’t bought any in a while, you might be wondering what kind of scent to go for. One option to consider is speaking to an assistant at Superdrug who may be able to give you some recommendations. Issey Miyake men’s perfume is trending at the moment, but there are so many options to choose from! Your best bet is to take some samples and see which one you like the most.

Find somewhere unusual to go

First dates are traditionally a meal at a swanky restaurant. And, while it’s a great way to kick off your date, you might be looking for something a little more out of the box. If that’s the case, spend some time now researching where you could take your date for a fun-filled evening that won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

You could opt to take your date for a moonlight picnic under the stars (weather playing a huge factor here), or you could take them to go and see a local band play and enjoy a few cocktails. Whatever you choose, make sure that you book well in advance if required so that you’re not disappointed when it comes to your actual date night.

Plan your outfit

Once you’ve chosen where you’re going to take your date, you can then begin to think about what you might wear. And, the night you’ve planned may play a huge role in your final look. For example, if you are choosing to take your date to a gig, then you probably don’t want to go for a suit jacket and tie. On the other hand, if you do decide to take them somewhere upscale, turning up in your ripped jeans and tshirt probably isn’t a good idea either.

Think carefully about the setting so that you can find something that’s going to suit the evening and be comfortable too. And comfort should be something that comes into play when it comes to picking out your outfit too. If you don’t feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, it will show with your body language and posture. It might even be a good idea to go shopping with a friend or family member to get their opinions too!

Pro tip: if you have planned something unusual, it might be a good idea to give your date a heads up or hint so they can plan what they’re wearing too.

Restrict your diet

While you probably can’t make much of a difference to your weight between now and the night of your date, you can make some changes. If you regularly eat junk food and guzzle down fizzy drinks, consider restricting them and filling up on nutritious foods with water until your date. Sure, you might drop a few pounds which will make you feel amazing, but you’ll actually notice other things too.

You’ll find that your skin is much clearer and you won’t have as noticeable pores on your face. You won’t feel as bloated, and you’ll even notice positive changes in your hair, your eyes, and even your smile. And, when you begin to notice these things, you’ll feel more confident than ever.

Know what to say

As mentioned earlier, dates can be nerve wracking. And, if you’ve been out of the dating game for some time, it can be difficult to know what to say when you first meet up with them. For example, if you’re going on your first date after many years of marriage, the things that you might have said back then might not work in this day and age. Take the time to ask some advice from friends and family on how to approach your date and for some tips on things you could say.

Ultimately, what you need to remember is to be yourself. They agreed to go out on a date with you for a reason, so don’t doubt yourself! Be engaging, listen to the things they say, ask them questions about themselves, and don’t be afraid to tell them things about yourself too. There’s no need for any games when it comes to having a wonderful date; it should simply be two adults enjoying each other’s company and finding out more about each other.

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