A Guide to the Best European Winter Weekend Getaways

By Glossy Magazine

A Guide to the Best European Winter Weekend Getaways Tallinn

A Guide to the Best European Winter Weekend Getaways

A Guide to the Best European Winter Weekend Getaways Tallinn

The faint echoes of ‘Euro Summer’ are a distant memory for most, with the long, dark nights of winter keeping most of us snuggled on the sofa every evening. However, if you’re craving a break from the UK’s routine of hibernation, the continent boasts an extensive list of enchanting cities perfect for a quick escape.  

With most cities only being a short-haul flight away, and services such as Manchester airport’s terminal 3 parking making the journey stress-free and simple, why not take advantage of the abundance of wintery getaways accessible in just a few hours?

Bruges, Belgium

Belgium’s largest city, Bruges, is often known as the ‘Venice of the North’. Its timeless canals weaving in between the cobbled stoned streets provide a perfect way to see the beautiful architecture.

Not only does Bruges equip visitors with an abundance of bars dedicated to Belgian beer, but the city centre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has plenty of museums to stroll around on a snowy afternoon. 

Prague, Czech Republic

The Czech capital of Prague is a great option for those who want to see all that a city has to offer on foot. Start at the Old Town Square to view the infamous Astronomical Clock strike on the hour, and make your way across Charles Bridge to reach the snow-topped Prague Castle.

Between January and February, the Czech festival of Masopust fills the streets of Prague with celebratory processions of mask-wearing dancers, so you can be sure to not run out of things to do on a winter trip.

Tallinn, Estonia

Although a relatively small city, Tallinn, often covered in snow throughout the winter months, is a unique and underrated destination for a weekend getaway. Escape the crowds of busier European cities and marvel at Tallinn’s impeccably preserved medieval Old Town. Follow scenic passages to guide you around the city centre, showcasing Estonia’s rich and often overlooked history. 

Berlin, Germany

A diverse and constantly modernising city, Berlin offers something for everyone. Whether you’re a techno-music lover or a history aficionado, it’s hard to run out of things to do in the German capital. 

Tour the city’s reinvention of its past with a walk along the East Side Gallery, known for its political exhibitions and colourful displays. You could also spend some time sampling the local cuisine that Berlin boasts. 

As well as the traditional beer and a bratwurst, Berlin is home to some of the best Vietnamese food outside of Southeast Asia, prepared by the city’s large Vietnamese community. 

So, pack your layers and swap the routine of the darker winter months for a fun-filled weekend in one of the continent’s best winter locations.