De Vere Cranage Estate, the stylish rural retreat, with its glorious 20 acre grounds, sumptuous spa, and beautifully prepared meals (using local, seasonal produce), is teaming up with Premier Cru Productions and adding a new and unique corporate event to its already busy calendar.

Charlie Womersley, famous North West Wine Expert/Host extraordinaire, who hasn’t acted since his last school play in 1967, acts opposite award winning West End Actor David Bark-Jones, (who if the truth be known, knows absolutely nothing about tasting wine), in a farce about a blind wine tasting that goes horribly wrong.

Set against the backdrop of the 1976 Judgement of Paris Blind Wine Tasting (that famously ‘revolutionised the wine world in an afternoon’), this entertainment serves as the centre piece for an evening of informative, yet massively irreverent, blind wine tasting and competition

Charlie and David are absolutely delighted to be partnering up with Richard Morell, General Manager of De Vere Estate, to bring you a truly hilarious, entertaining and informative evening about New and Old world wine. Richard will be serving wines and food that not only complement each other, but the play and blind tasting as well. Quite a feat!

“The Play – This was epic – in fact one would expect to pay handsomely to see that in the West End!  Immediately generated an immense amount of energy and engagement in the room and set the evening up wonderfully well. 10/10.” – Billy Gammon, CEO, VIP Escapes, Corporate Entertainment Company

“What an absurdly good evening…. Hugely entertaining format.” – William Campion, CEO, Campion Capital