Are you worried about a lump?

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Manchester Lumps Clinic

Are you worried about a lump?

Manchester Lumps Clinic

Amit Kumar, founder of the Manchester Lumps Clinic, talks us through what to do if you have a lump that’s worrying you.

Manchester Lumps Clinic

Mr Kumar is a Consultant Orthopaedic and Oncological Surgeon. As a leading NHS specialist in the treatment of lumps, he founded the private clinic to help patients receive peace of mind through faster diagnosis and earlier treatment. The clinic offers patients direct access to his expertise without joining a waiting list.

Your questions about lumps answered

I’ve found a lump. Should I be worried?

Lumps are very common, and 99% of the time, they’re nothing to worry about. However, even benign lumps can cause problems due to their size; they may catch on your clothes or give you pain and discomfort.

Could it be cancer?

There’s a small risk, about 1%, that a lump could be cancerous. Sarcomas are very rare cancers of the soft tissue or bone, and one of their most common symptoms is a lump that grows, changes or is larger than a golf ball. But remember, even if you have a lump, it doesn’t mean you have sarcoma.

Some other cancers can also present as lumps, like skin cancers, or spread from previous cancers. While there’s a small risk that your lump is cancerous, early diagnosis can improve your options.

What should I do about the lump?

Check the lump and have a feel if the lump is hard, soft, smooth or irregular. Is it painful, sore or tender? Measure the lump and see if the size changes over time. Also assess the skin for changes like discolouration, redness or any lesions like moles.

When should I see someone about it?

Getting a lump checked is always advisable, especially if it’s getting bigger, is larger than a golf ball (about 5 cm or 2 inches) and often painful. Speak to your GP about the lump and your symptoms.

But I can’t get a GP appointment. What can I do?

When your lump is painful, uncomfortable or causing you concern, it’s understandable that you want to see a doctor quickly. But with the pressures on the NHS, that’s not always possible. However, an alternative to seeing your GP is to visit a private clinic, like the Manchester Lumps Clinic.

Who will I see if I go private?

A private clinic allows you to see the same consultants and surgeons who work in the NHS but without waiting. For example, the Manchester Lumps Clinic is run by myself, a consultant surgeon, with radiology and nursing support.

What kind of lumps do you deal with?

We specialise in diagnosing and treating lumps around most of the body, including the arms, legs, torso and back. Although we can assess head and neck lumps, we don’t deal with breast lumps.

Skin lesions are best reviewed by dermatology. However, if you clearly have a noticeable lump under the skin, this would be best dealt with by an expert such as at the Manchester Lumps Clinic for clinical assessment, diagnostics and management.

If you’re unsure please contact the clinic.

Do I need a referral to visit your clinic?

We prefer you to have a GP referral because it allows us to see your medical history, but this is not essential. You can book in without a referral. We also accept referrals from other healthcare professionals, including hospital doctors, surgeons and physiotherapists. If you’re insured, you should check with your insurance company whether you need a letter from your GP.

What happens at the consultation?

When you contact us, we’ll answer your initial questions and book you an appointment to see the consultant specialist. During your consultation, you’ll have a personalised discussion about your symptoms and receive advice on managing your condition. We’ll also answer all your queries and ensure you have a clear idea of the investigation and treatment options.

After the initial consultation, you may require some investigations, including an ultrasound scan, MRI scan, X-ray, CT scan or blood tests. These could take place on the same day or at another time convenient to you.

How quickly can I get seen?

We can see you at the Manchester Lumps Clinic within the same week you contact us. Our Rapid Diagnostics Clinic also gives you the option to get a scan on the same day as your consultation.

Where are you based?

We run the clinic from several private hospitals across Manchester so that you can choose the easiest location.

Do you offer telephone or online appointments?

Yes, we offer consultations by phone or video call. If you can’t get to one of the hospitals or you’d prefer a remote appointment, that’s okay.

I don’t have health insurance. Can I still see you?

Yes, we see private patients who self-pay or have medical insurance.

How do I book an appointment?

Visit our website and choose which hospital you’d like to visit. You can either call the hospital or book online.


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