Ajay Vasdev is Director of award-winning lighting design and supply company Asco Lights, and has over twenty years’ experience in exclusive end-to-end lighting projects across the UK and overseas. He currently works in both the residential and commercial sectors.

How do I choose the best kitchen lighting?

Kitchen lighting design needs to be the most flexible lighting in the entire home, reflecting the increasing trend for larger open-plan living environments, and also the wide range of functions that kitchens are now used for. This means using sufficient circuits to give the flexibility required. We should be able to adjust from bright task lighting during cooking and preparing, to replicating daylight when the kids are doing homework, then into an intimate environment for dining in the evening. The positioning of light fittings is key to achieving this flexibility, as well as understanding what effect each light fitting will create. The ability to alter the intensity of light on each circuit makes lighting control an important consideration.

What do I consider in terms of staircase lighting?

When considering staircase lighting, there are a number of things to take into consideration, such as the design of the staircase, construction, finish detail and texture. Lighting staircases can create visually stunning results and be an important element in linking spaces in the home together.

Glare should be avoided, and understanding the correct colour temperature to use in these spaces will add another layer of lighting – creating a warm, welcoming glow.

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