Ask the Expert: Geoff Liberman

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Ask the Expert: Geoff Liberman

Ask the Expert: Geoff Liberman

Ask the Expert: Geoff Liberman

CEO of Infrared Heating Specialists (IHS) and has brought the first zero emissions infrared heating showroom to Hale, Altrincham. His previous company, founded in 2012, was in the solar and energy sector in Europe. Geoff saw the growth of infrared heating, as the percentage of homes and businesses that use gas, or any kind of convection heating, in Europe is much lower than the UK.

Can infrared heating save me money?

Yes, depending on the insulation in your individual rooms you can save up to 25% on your heating bills. If you have solar or a battery this can increase the savings up to 50%. Using our SMART controls can further add to your savings.

Why is infrared heating more efficient than gas central heating, air sourceheat pumps, underfloor heating, electric heaters or storage radiators?

Infrared warms people and objects in its path; just like the sun on a cold day, you feel its warmth when it shines on your face. It does not heat the air as convection heating does, since most of this heat rises to the ceiling.

Is it safe?

Yes, it’s completely safe, infrared heaters do not contain UV rays as the sun does. Many incubators, beauty treatments, saunas and sports injury treatments use infrared today.

What are the health benefits?

Infrared does not heat the air as convection does, so the air is not disturbed. No pollen, mould spores or dust particles are moved around the room which can help with many airborne allergies. Infrared penetrates the fabric of the building (from 2mm to 7mm) so it can also inhibit the growth of mould and can help alleviate damp patches.

Do you just supply?

No, we have a process and take great care and pride of every aspect, from survey to installation. Our heaters are made in the UK, have no moving parts and have up to a 15-year guarantee.

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