Ask the Expert: Mr Jeremy Oates

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Ask the Expert: Mr Jeremy Oates

Ask the Expert: Mr Jeremy Oates

Ask the Expert: Mr Jeremy Oates

Mr Oates is a consultant robotic and urological surgeon, specialising in the diagnosis and management of prostate cancer. He works at The Christie Private Care and The Wilmslow Hospital, both part of HCA Healthcare, and Urology Clinics Manchester.

Why do men get prostate problems as they get older?

The prostate sits underneath the bladder and is shaped like a donut with the waterpipe passing through it. Every prostate grows with age, causing pressure on the waterpipe, reducing the flow and causing dribbling. Symptoms can be minor, though if there are issues, they can usually be very successfully treated with medication or a wide range of procedures to improve the flow.

Are waterwork symptoms a sign of prostate cancer?

Almost always not! A prostate grows and almost every man will have some symptoms of normal growth, whereas cancers are usually relatively small, often too small to cause problems. However, sudden onset symptoms must be investigated, particularly leakage or blood in the urine.  

Should I be tested for prostate cancer?

Unlike some diseases, there is no screening programme for prostate cancer currently. This is because the prostate blood test (PSA) is not particularly accurate and testing can often raise more questions than it answers. It is important that before you undergo a PSA test that you discuss the pros and cons of testing with a healthcare professional, as it’s not right for everyone.

However, men at a higher risk should consider testing, in particular men with a family history of prostate cancer, men of certain ethnic backgrounds or those who have had female family members diagnosed with breast or ovarian cancer at a young age. If you have any doubts, Prostate Cancer UK has a great online risk checker or alternatively we’d be happy to see you at Urology Clinics to discuss your circumstances. / T: 0161 327 1269