ASK the Physio

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ASK the Physio

ASK the Physio

ASK the Physio

Harris & Ross was formed 20 years ago by Jeff Ross (and former partner Rob Harris). Now with four clinics across the Northwest, it was created with the goal of providing the same level of care that is given to elite athletes to the general public. We’ve asked physios at the Altrincham, Wilmslow and Manchester clinics about when we should seek treatment from a physiotherapist, and what to expect when we do.

ASK the Physio


I’m about to run my first half marathon. Should I be having pre/post event treatment?

Our first piece of advice for anyone beginning their running journey would be to get a screening done with a physio if you can. This will give you an insight into the some of the day to day things you can do to keep yourself training and avoid injury and ensures you’re doing everything right from the get-go! Following that, any runner will greatly benefit from pre and post event Sports Massage. The aims of treatment are different between pre and post event:

Pre-event, massage ensures you are feeling good and prepared for your event to help maximise your performance. It increases muscle stimulation, range of motion and improves your mental state. This should take place anytime from 2 days to right before the event. Tight muscles will reduce the range of motion around your joints, leading to a sub-optimal performance, pain and potentially injuries. The increased blood flow caused by a pre-event massage will improve muscle elasticity therefore reducing muscle tightness. Post-event massage is best performed from 30 minutes to 72 hours after competing. The goal is to work deeply within the muscles to encourage blood and lymphatic flow and restore the body. This will significantly reduce any soreness or fatigue and help to restore range of motion after exercise. The techniques used will help remove waste products created during exercise, like lactic acid, and helps relieve delayed onset of soreness (‘DOMS’). Post-event treatment will help you recover quicker and return to training without risking injury. It’s the perfect time to address any niggles felt during the event too!

ASK the Physio


If I wake up in the morning with a really sore neck or back, should I go to my GP or to a physio? 

One in five people consult a GP about a musculoskeletal problem each year and 17-30% of GP appointments are for these types of problems. Most musculoskeletal conditions can be treated by a physio – it’s rare that neck or back pain has a more serious cause. We can identify symptoms that might not be of a musculoskeletal nature and make recommendations for onward referral when need be, such as for pain relief, orthopedic referral, scans or possible underlying health issues. 

Neck and back pain may have a more serious cause if it’s persistent and getting progressively worse, or if there are additional symptoms, such as a lack of co-ordination, problems walking and so on. A serious cause is more likely if you’ve had a recent, significant injury. At Harris & Ross we would begin with an assessment initially in order to establish the extent of the problem and the likely diagnosis. 

Our treatment could then be in a number of forms: hands-on treatment such as manual therapy and acupuncture, or exercises in the form of a tailored exercise programme, as well as advice on how to manage pain and prevent recurrence.

ASK the Physio


I’ve never seen a Physio before. What can I expect?

New patient assessment sessions can vary from clinic to clinic. Here at Harris & Ross, we like to spend a full hour with you the first time we meet you. This enables us to learn about your life, and the impact your injury is having on it. You will be asked some specific questions about the injury of course, but also about things away from the injury – such as your job and any hobbies you have. This allows your clinician to get a good picture about you, your lifestyle and your goals. The clinician will need to look at the injured area so please come prepared wearing comfortable, loose clothing. Also, please bring some appropriate and comfortable footwear, as it may be that we need to go through some functional exercises to assess your current abilities, or start to do some rehab. After the assessment, we’ll tell you what the cause of your issue/ injury is and will ensure you fully understand how we can work together to resolve it.

There will also usually be time to provide you with some hands-on treatment and some rehab. This will mean you’ll be well on your way in your journey to being pain-free and back to your ultimate goals!

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