So asks the bright neon sign inside the new Great British Pizza Company (GB•PIZZA•CO®for short) in Didsbury. Hell yeah, says Helen Lawson…

GB•PIZZA•CO® was founded a few hundred miles away in Margate and has garnered a heap of glowing reviews, recommendations from famous food critics and features in some of the world’s most respected food guides. It was opened by two fabulous foodies, Rachel and Lisa, and the girls brought their flare for style, warmth and delicious locally-sourced ingredients to the Kent coast almost six years ago. Didsbury couple Kally and Grant stumbled upon GB•PIZZA•CO® last year and knew instantly that this place would work back home. And, just like that, they bought the first ever franchise and are now serving pizzas on the lovingly restored Lapwing Lane.

The bars and restaurants under this stretch of the arcade – Wine and Wallop, Chilli Banana, the deli and now GB•PIZZA•CO® – have made this spot a must-go dining destination, nestled in between West Didsbury and the village and just over the road from West Didsbury tram spot. We know Didsbury isn’t short on pizza places, but the pizzas served at GB•PIZZA•CO® are just a little bit special.

There’s no giant, doughy, gut-busting crust, their pizzas are thin, crispy and topped with imaginative, local and thoroughly British ingredients. Topping choices include: proper thick-cut ham and deliciously meaty Portobello mushrooms; pear and British blue cheese; and aubergine with peppers and no cheese. I opted for olive and fiery Roquito peppers – in all honesty, a little too hot to handle for this timid reviewer. Whether you are veggie, vegan or gluten-free, the small but beautifully formed menu has options for all palates and persuasions.

When you order wine, you’re given an empty glass and directed toward some outward-facing pumps. Being 5ft 3in means I had to stand on my tiptoes to fill up with Merlot, but it feels good not to have to wait for a waiter to request a refill – you just go help yourself! There’s no cutlery either; the pizza is served sliced and ready to eat. Instructions on the tables advise you to ‘lift up a piece, crack it, fold it, then eat it’.

Try GB•PIZZA•CO®. Even if you’re tired of pizza, try this pizza. This place is perfectly situated between two Didsburys and offers £5 pizzas on Mondays and buy-one-get-one-half-price all day Wednesdays. So, don’t wait for the weekend… every day is a ‘you wanna a pizza me’ day at GB•PIZZA•CO®.


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