With 9 London studios, and 1 in Alderley Edge, Barrecore, the leading home of health, fitness and wellbeing in Manchester and Cheshire and now has a brand new studio in Hale village. The beautiful space, located on Park Road, enables local Hale residents to achieve the famous ‘barre body’: the most coveted of all body shapes. Regular classes at Barrecore build a strong, lean physique and bring a sense of health and wellbeing that is unique to this practise. Go to classes just a few times a week and you will notice the change.

Launched in London in 2011, founder Niki Rein had recently moved from Los Angeles and was surprised to discover that the boutique fitness trend she had left behind was yet to arrive in London. Niki recognized that Londoners needed an exercise regime that allowed them to fit a range of intelligent workouts into their busy lives. Barrecore’s Alderley Edge studio opened its doors in 2014 and has quickly become the place to workout and be seen amongst the local celebrities, fitness mums and businesswomen of Cheshire.

The brand new Hale studio offers all of the signature Barrecore classes, each taught by a team of rigorously trained instructors. Morning, evening and weekend sessions are available to fit into even the busiest of schedules. The studio boasts a bespoke barre studio room for group classes as well as offering private barre sessions. The studio also has changing facilities stocked with everything one needs to freshen up after class.

“I fell in love with Barrecore and the whole concept of boutique fitness and knew I wouldn’t be alone in thinking that it would be a great addition to Manchester; there was simply nothing like this on offer. We sold out classes regularly and so quickly outgrew our first studio In Alderley Edge. Hale is an easy 30 minutes away from the centre of Manchester and it’s the perfect site for our second studio. The health and wellness scene in the village is really bustling and already our clients are delighted they can access this type of facility right on their doorstep.” – Sarah Emblow – Co Owner of Barrecore Alderley Edge and Halen

“I was living in New York between 2006-2011 working as a Marketing Manager, when I discovered a barre studio and absolutely fell in love with the classes I loved how Barre changed my body, as I developed a longer, stronger and leaner physique and became much more flexible. That’s when it first occurred to me that I wanted to make this my career.” – Katharina Wrather – Co Owner of Barrecore Alderley Edge and Hale

Barrecore Signature is the signature Barrecore class, offering a low-impact, full-body interval training programme incorporating isometric exercises, alternated with stretching. Movements use the individual’s body weight as resistance and / or small equipment and high repetition to overload the muscle and then stretch it out to create a longer-looking and lean physique.

For further information, images or to book a class, please contact Sarah Emblow on [email protected]