Build it Together Campaign. Sponsor a bedroom for St Ann’s Hospice.

By Beverley Uddin Khandakar

St Ann's Hospice Build It Together campaign New Build photo

Build it Together Campaign. Sponsor a bedroom for St Ann’s Hospice.

St Ann's Hospice Build It Together campaign New Build photo

St Ann’s Hospice’s Build It Together campaign is raising the final £2 million needed to build their brand-new hospice in Heald Green, replacing their current Victorian building, which is in urgent need of replacement as it needs continual and costly repairs. 

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This will see their current hospice in Heald Green replaced with a purpose-built facility costing over £22m in total, which includes buying the land next door to their existing hospice site.

Unlike their more modern hospice in Little Hulton, the Heald Green site has very few private bedrooms for patients and very limited outdoor space. The new hospice will house a 27-bed inpatient unit, including individual ensuite rooms and access to private outdoor terraces, meaning patients and their loved ones can have the privacy they deserve at this important time. 

St Ann's Hospice Build It Together campaign New Bedrooms

The development will also feature modern outpatient and day therapy services, dedicated bereavement and family support spaces, all surrounded by beautiful, landscaped gardens.

Anne-Marie Wynne, Head of Fundraising and Capital Campaign, says: “We are taking care to build our new hospice into the existing landscape – meaning there will be much bigger gardens and lovely mature trees surrounding the hospice building. A suitable environment is such an important part of our patients feeling comfortable at the end of their life and that is why we at St Ann’s are working so hard to make the new hospice a reality.”

The Build It Together campaign, which launched in June 2022, has already raised more than £500,000 and they are urging people across Greater Manchester and Cheshire to get involved.

Anne-Marie says: “Our hospice has helped so many people in the Greater Manchester and Cheshire communities for over 50 years and we want this to continue for another 50 and beyond. But this can only happen with a new purpose-built hospice, without this, there is a real risk we may need to close.

“Sponsoring a bedroom is a great way to donate to our Build It Together campaign and will make a real difference. You or your company could sponsor one of our individual ensuite bedrooms to give our patients the privacy they so deserve.”

Privacy is one of the many important things their new hospice will bring to their patients. The plans include 21 private rooms – all with individual outdoor terraces – for patients living at the end of life and their families to spend vital moments together.

The rooms will allow both patients and families to say what they want to say without the worry of being overheard – a place for families to share their thoughts and feelings and relax in a private space. Conversations with medical, clinical and complementary staff will also benefit from the private spaces. The larger rooms with inbuilt medical equipment will allow easier and more comfortable movement for their patients. 

The importance of private rooms for their patients is undeniable and was underlined by Brian Smith. Brian was a patient at their inpatient unit at Heald Green and died there in August 2022.

He said the new hospice with individual bedrooms would make a huge difference for inpatients.

Once, he could not avoid overhearing a difficult bedside conversation between a fellow patient and his wife at the current Heald Green site. 

Brian, who was from Stockport, said: “I’m in a ward with four people and we’re separated by curtains. It means I can’t see what’s happening, but I can hear it and when some guy is talking to his wife about going home to die, I’m there and don’t want to be invading his privacy and listening to that. 

“I want him to have his own room, so he can go outside on a patio terrace and maybe have a glass of wine while having that conversation.”

Sponsoring a bedroom at St Ann’s new hospice is £50,000. This will allow them to build and kit out an individual bedroom with comfortable and specialist furniture.

To discuss sponsoring a bedroom, contact their Head of Fundraising and Capital Campaign, Anne-Marie Wynne at

For more information about the Build It Together Appeal