Can you speed up your recovery after cosmetic surgery?

By Beverley Uddin Khandakar

Can you speed up your recovery after cosmetic surgery

Can you speed up your recovery after cosmetic surgery?

Can you speed up your recovery after cosmetic surgery

After undergoing any surgical procedure, it’s essential that you take the necessary time out to recuperate. If you’re thinking of going under the knife either at home or abroad, you must factor in recovery time before you go back to work or take part in any strenuous physical activities. But how can you speed up the recovery time after a cosmetic surgery procedure? 

Give your body proper healing energy – Undergoing a cosmetic surgery procedure can take a lot out of us. In order to look after your health and speed up the rate of recovery after surgery, you’ll need to stock up on plenty of protein and nutrient-rich foods – protein-rich foods include chicken and eggs, whereas foods with plenty of vitamins include fresh fruit, fish and vegetables. Incorporating these into your diet (as well as sources of fibre and probiotics like granola and yoghurt) can go a long way in speeding up recovery and getting you back on your feet.   

Remember to hydrate – In the same way that your choice of food can directly influence the speed of your recovery, staying properly hydrated is also very important for healthy recuperation post-surgery. Try to drink fresh, plain water wherever necessary and avoid sugary soft drinks. If you’re in need of some sugar when you’re in recovery, remember that you can also use vitamin-rich fruits and juices (such as watermelon, strawberries and grapes) to keep hydrated.  

Get proper wound care – Failing to seek the necessary aftercare for your wounds can lead to infection and further restorative works, prolonging the period of recovery even further. It’s essential that you change dressings regularly as instructed by your practitioner and always attend any follow-up appointments. Ensure that you avoid irritating the surgical site with clothing – give your wounds space to breathe.  

Follow instructions – After undergoing any kind of cosmetic surgery, you must follow all of the doctor’s instructions down to a tee. If you want to get the best out of the procedure and recover as quickly as possible, make sure that you take any and all prescribed medications, even if you’re feeling well. No matter how minor your procedure, avoid driving, heavy lifting and working with machinery until your practitioner has advised that it’s safe to do so. 

Grant yourself permission to rest – To boost the efficacy of your operation, achieve your desired cosmetic results and recover as quickly as possible, make sure that you give yourself some much-needed time out after your procedure. Take the time to treat yourself, have plenty of rest and do the things you enjoy – just make sure that you avoid any physically-exerting hobbies that could delay your recovery time.