By Emily Fitzgibbons

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With the brand-new Cruella De Vil movie release imminent, Hair Transplant Centre Vera Clinic wanted to ascertain which Disney Princess’ hair is most popular. 

They surveyed 785 Brits on who they thought had the most iconic head of hair, and teamed up with Carl Bembridge, hair stylist to the stars such as Maura Higgins and Jacqueline Jossa, to discover which of his famous wigs would be best for recreating the top ICONIC Disney Princess hairstyles. 

Since Elsa and her famous braid came out on top, Vera Clinic teamed up with hairstylists Carl Bembridge and Lois Scales to get the lowdown on exactly how to recreate the look. They said:

“A Disney Princess’s hair is a crucial and iconic part of their individual look and being able to create it at home isn’t as hard as it might look.

Most Disney princesses’ hair starts with a basic foundation of volume. In order to create this, apply mousse to freshly washed hair and do a bouncy blow dry using a round brush. Running the brush underneath, apply the heat to your hair from above and roll down the hair. Wrap your hair around the brush and apply heat – make sure your hairdryer is not too close to your tresses as this can cause damage.

For many of the Princess looks, curls are also a crucial part of the process. After blow-drying, curl your hair with either straighteners or tongs, and pin the curls up and leave for up to 20 minutes to cool and set.

Brush out the curls gently whilst holding the root and wrap your finger around the curl, shaping it as you go. Pull a small section of hair forward and leave out of the plait for Elsa’s look. You may want to curl this small section again.

Use a backcombing brush to build height at the root, use dry shampoo or a volumising dust to get the desired look, then comb it over to make it look smooth with a shiny finish.

For Elsa’s hair specifically, you’ll need to create a large plait. After backcombing, start plaiting the hair working from below the crown and down the back and pulling the plait slightly to one side. Create the plait tight at first, but then pull the plait apart gently to make it wider and more voluminous. If parts of the hair feel loose, use pins to keep the look in place.”

Top tip: “Use the same-coloured pins as the hair to disguise them, as well as using hair ties that match your shade of hair.”


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