By Salim Uddin Khandakar


Located in the heart of Didsbury village, Dhoom Dhaam is a modern Indian restaurant offering a smart dining experience.

The restaurant is inspired by the nostalgic experiences of husband-and-wife team Manoj & Dixika during their travels to India. Think old-styled Indian and jazz music and a modern twist on the flavours and textures of India. The couple have always aimed to infuse a sense of humility, glamour and history with their best-loved home-style traditions from across India.

Dhoom Dhaam goes beyond the artifice of contrived Indian kitsch and presents an eclectic decor with consummate elegance, wit and wisdom. The couple are great lovers of fine decor and this is reflected in the aesthetically sumptuous space, which combines the traditional with the progressive and is, in a way, an extension of the couple’s own way of life. It is a celebration of Indian food and drink through the eyes of the couple who appreciate the good things in life.

To eat at Dhoom Dhaam is to experience real Indian cuisine. No convenient shortcuts. No invented dishes artificially tailored to western tastes. The owners believe that this generation of Indian food lovers have the palate and can genuinely tell the difference. The food is traditional with uniquely blended spices, ingredients and techniques from street food, home-style Indian cooking and dishes taken from the royal kitchens. Enjoy inventive Indian cuisine created to share from regional recipes derived by award-winning chefs. Dhoom Dhaam offers something for every palate and every occasion. It is a celebration of community and the exchange of eating well and of warmth.


The restaurant showcases the unity as well as the diversity of the cuisines of India with myriad influences gained across centuries. Dhoom Dhaam is a contemporary viewpoint with an old soul and a nostalgic palate of memories, aromas and flavours. The dishes are most definitely underpinned by today’s interest in health and nutrition. Taking pride in reinventing traditional dishes with authentic high-quality ingredients to present the very best that India has to offer – from aromatic appetisers to signature delights from the clay oven.

The restaurant also shows the rich heritage of Indian cuisine. Visually, it’s polished (think modern minimalist decor and panelled, mirror-clad walls), but the atmosphere is comfortable and relaxed – the perfect place to enjoy casual dining and spectacular food. This is not just Indian food, this is Indian hospitality, Indian heritage and Indian culture – served up like you may never have experienced before.

Dhoom Dhaam will become your restaurant of choice for family occasions and celebrations, an evening out with friends or working business lunches. Or even that cheeky cocktail or beer on the terrace. There is something for everyone.

784-788 Wilmslow Road / Didsbury / Manchester M20 2DR / 0161 445 7852 / www.dhoomdhaam.co.uk



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