Cheshire Wellness Centre

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Cheshire Wellness Centre

Cheshire Wellness Centre

Cheshire Wellness Centre
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Your journey to WELLNESS starts here…

Whether you’re struggling with your mental health, battling an addiction or just no longer feel ‘OK’ day to day, the Cheshire Wellness Centre is a safe and judgement-free first step towards positive wellbeing and a hope-filled future.

You are NOT alone

In the past week, one in six people in England will have experienced mental health problems, such as anxiety and depression. 61% of adults suffering with poor mental health do not access treatment.

Not knowing exactly what’s wrong, feeling fearful or ashamed, or simply being unaware of the help that’s available – there are so many reasons why lots of us ‘keep quiet and carry on’.

The Cheshire Wellness Centre, opened in 2021 by Bob Baker – who we introduced last issue – and set against a tranquil and leafy backdrop, is all about negating these statistics, filling gaps in treatment and finding therapies and activities that are as individual as the person needing them.

It all starts with a cup of coffee…

… or a phone call or even an email. Whichever way you reach out (and, yes, it might feel scary), Bob – who will easily relate due to his own personal life experiences – will be there to greet you and informally discuss how the centre can help.

Anxiety, depression, anger, addiction, self-esteem, grief, phobias – every individual’s reason for connecting with the centre is different and so is the journey Bob will help you plan.  

“We all have different needs at different times,” explains Bob, “so, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Initially, it might not even involve therapy. Some people start with reiki or a sound bath or just pop in for a cuppa when they don’t want to be alone in the house.”

The journey to wellness is not a race and you complete it at your own pace. 

A safe, stress-free haven

Cheshire Wellness Centre prides itself on being a safe and peaceful haven away from our sometimes too-busy lives. Stress-free parking adds to the calm. 

You’ll find the non-medical buildings are fresh and modern, the atmosphere warm and inclusive. The therapies and treatments available reflect the centre’s holistic ethos – a journey toward overall wellbeing, both mental and physical.

As well as the more traditional therapies, like counselling and psychotherapy, the centre also offers mindfulness, nutritional advice, life coaching, clinical hypnotherapy, reiki and the Wim Hof Method® (cold-water therapy).  

Additionally, there’s a whole host of physical activities you can try, including wellness walks and yoga classes. 

Everything being in one big, beautiful place is a great aid to recovery, especially when you’re craving consistency and familiarity.

Therapy you can trust

If therapy is recommended, Bob will pair you with a therapist who not only matches your needs but your personality too.

The centre boasts a team of over 20 handpicked professional therapists, working with both adults and children. 

“Finding the right therapist is as important as finding the right therapy,” says Bob. “When people say therapy hasn’t worked for them, it’s often because they weren’t with the right person. A huge part of what makes therapy a success is the connection between therapist and client. We want you to be able to trust your therapist entirely.”

To further support clients, group therapy sessions and an addiction drop-in clinic will be introduced to the centre very soon.

Embrace the journey

“It’s OK not to be OK,” smiles Bob, “so, please reach out. I’ve seen people broken, and I mean broken, and over time, they transform. No-one can promise a journey completion date. The journey – like mine – is never really over, but the problems and the time you spend focussed on them becomes smaller and smaller. You start living again.”

Make that call

Call Bob on 01925 752682

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