Everybody loves a nice glass of wine after a long day, and who doesn’t adore cheese? Here, Café Rouge wine expert Richard Pryor gives his best pairings.

Brie style cheeses and Pinot Noir, ideally a lighter style Burgundy

The delicacy of these cheeses requires a gentle performer, and a Pinot Noir does the job beautifully.

Fresh Goats’ cheeses and a French Sauvignon Blanc

The fresh, grassy notes of these cheeses are only enhanced by the herbal aromas of these wines, but the Kiwi style, magnificent on its own, is a touch too aromatic.

Mozzarella and Pinot Grigio

The acidity of the Pinot Grigio contrasts beautifully with this rich and creamy cheese.

Parmesan and Grana style cheeses match perfectly with a richer, yeasty Champagne

Bollinger or Louis Roederer for preference, but Krug would do!

Stilton and other crumbly blues and Port

The best vintages are best enjoyed on their own, but a solid LBV or ruby will complement these princes among cheese beautifully

Large alpine cheeses from Switzerland or France and Gewurztraminer or Riesling

These cheeses require a fruity, aromatic dance partner.

Tempranillo (the noble grape of Rioja) and Manchego

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