Committing To Your Health and Fitness Goals. 4 Things That Will Help

By Glossy Magazine

Committing To Your Health and Fitness Goals; 4 Things That Will Help

Committing To Your Health and Fitness Goals. 4 Things That Will Help

Committing To Your Health and Fitness Goals; 4 Things That Will Help

Committing to your health and fitness goals or changing your habits is always something that will serve you well. But with the old “New Year New Me” mindset waning for most people, around 80% of people have already given up on their commitment to health goals at this point in the year, and with motivation hard to come by in the bleak, seemingly never-ending UK winter, how do you push through in making sure you are seeing your health and fitness goals through for maximum benefit?

Consistency Not Motivation

How often have you heard yourself or others say they aren’t motivated to do something or need to find the motivation to stick to their goals? Motivation isn’t something that should be pushing you forward; in fact, motivation comes later in the game. You need to focus on building good, consistent habits. Because the more you are able to do on a regular basis, the easier it will be to get things done and this is where our motivation will come from. Consistency comes from building habits, and that is what will help you get to where you want to be.

Start Small

It can be really tempting to think you’re not doing enough or pushing yourself hard enough based on social media standards. But realistically, if you go from 0 to 100, how long can you reasonably sustain those changes? Think of your journey as a staircase; currently, you’re at the bottom of the stairs. If you’re skipping steps, going 3 at a time, how long will it be before you’re too exhausted to climb anymore and stall or head back down? However, if you take it slow, one step at a time, those goals will be more attainable, and while it might take longer, you will have a better shot at reaching the top without as many setbacks.

Manage Stress Levels

There are many studies that have found that increased stress levels can impact your ability to remain focused on your health and fitness goals or give you the results you need. You need to address any causes of stress in your life and reduce or eliminate them as much as possible to remove any obstructions that can impact your ability to stay on track. Stress can impact your energy levels, appetite, sleep, fat loss and mental health.

Get Some Sleep

Your sleep will impact your ability to be consistent, to keep those hunger pangs in check and to be able to create habits that will serve you well in the future. Chronic poor sleep can increase your chances of dementia, heart disease, increased weight gain, poor energy, and reduced memory and cognitive ability, amongst others. Improving your sleeping habits will massively help your future health and fitness endeavours. So whether you find supplements and CBD products from places such as Naturecan, you change your sleeping habits, or you simply commit to going to bed earlier and not doom scrolling till the small hours, focusing on your sleep and recognising the important part it plays in good health will serve you well going forward.

There are many different things that can impact your ability to see through your health and fitness goals. And while you do need to commit to the changes you want to make, knowing what can impact your ability to do so can help you to ensure these factors don’t ruin your chances of success.

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