‘Organic ethical luxury’ brand, Beaumont Organic, has arrived at Hale-based boutique, Basil and Bea, with a collection of transitional garments that encompass the brand’s clean and contemporary image.

Described as ‘contemporary, conscious clothing’, Beaumont Organic is committed to responsibly using luxury fabrics for the modern woman, all at an affordable price point. Combining Fairtrade and eco-friendly fabrics with a sleek, design-driven aesthetic, the brand is paving the way for fashion to have a more sustainable future.

Basil and Bea is the first UK stockist of Beaumont Organic garments other than the flagship store on Manchester’s Hilton Street.

“With ethical issues endemic to the fast-fashion industry, Beaumont Organic represents a very welcome alternative, without compromising on stylish and distinctive design. We’re very excited to be stocking a beautiful range of their garments here at Basil and Bea.” – Owner of Basil and Bea, Hari Martin

With an ever-increasing online presence, the brand boasts a loyal customer base in Japan, Scandanavia and the US, which can be attributed to its commitment to ethical principles and unique design. Now, eco-conscious fashion followers of the North West and beyond will be able to see the garments in the flesh.

“Basil and Bea is an aspirational boutique in Cheshire which we are delighted to be stocking. Hari’s brand mix is carefully curated and we are proud to be sitting alongside her other must-have brands.” – Hari Martin

Basil & Bea’s store can be found on 30 Park Road, Hale. For more information, visit www.basilandbea.com, call 0161 4590569 or email [email protected]