Cycladic Island Living in Sifnos

By Beverley Uddin Khandakar

Sifnos Beach

Cycladic Island Living in Sifnos

Sifnos Beach

Sifnos, the island of harmony, is in the Cyclades and is the birthplace of famous Greek poets as well as award-winning chefs, like Nikos Tselementes. Unique traditional villages, secluded beaches, unique arts, such as pottery, and hundreds of churches are spread around the island, waiting to be discovered.

Among the Cycladic islands, Sifnos stands out for both its architecture and natural beauty. Once a thriving gold and silver mining location, it has, since ancient times, cultivated a reputation for the finer things in life. Today, the island combines the picturesque with a rich tradition in cuisine and crafts, along with a high-level infrastructure in tourism. Despite its refined culture and ‘Cycladic chic’ ambience, Sifnos retains a low profile that instils a sense of peace in the visitor.

Sifnos Street

Traditional cuisine on Sifnos includes chickpea soup made in ceramic bowls, mastelo (lamb or goat baked on vine branches) and salad with capers. The island’s soil is famously fortified by clay, water and sun. Potters set up their workshops here centuries ago and their ceramics became famous throughout Greece. You can visit the workshops, where traditional artisans still use the potter’s wheel to find out all about this unique art, and even buy some beautiful pots. But make sure you check out your baggage allowance first!

At the top of Agios Andreas Hill, you will discover the ruins of the fortified acropolis built in the Mycenaean era thousands of years ago and the church of Agios Andreas. The view is extraordinary.

Sifnos is also the ideal island for fans of hiking. Visitors have the chance to follow many alternative paths and enjoy the nature, along with numerous monuments, churches and villages.

Sifnos Windmill

Sifnos is different from other Greek Islands we’ve visited. It has an air of peace and tranquility, and it’s stunningly beautiful. Kamares is the main port and consists mainly of one street containing a few shops, waterside tavernas and a delicious bakery. It’s not your usual port in that it doesn’t have the hustle and bustle and it’s immaculate.

We stayed in a wonderful house on a hill. The owners were lovely and our tour guide, Emanuela, went above and beyond to show us all that Sifnos has to offer.

If you fancy a quieter Greek island holiday than Santorini, Zanti or Mykonos, then visit Sifnos. There’s lots to see and do if you don’t mind hiring a car… and the weather was amazing!

We travelled to Sifnos from Santorini on