Designing the ultimate romantic getaway for your partner

By Glossy Magazine

Designing The Ultimate Romantic Getaway For Your Partner

Designing the ultimate romantic getaway for your partner

Designing The Ultimate Romantic Getaway For Your Partner

Sometimes, you just have to let your partner know how much you love and appreciate them. Relationships aren’t easy, but they can be highly rewarding if you invest in them, and if you give your all to go through life as one another’s ally. Moreover, when it comes time to celebrate one another, to look back on the days you’ve been through, and to plan for the future, nothing is better than a romantic getaway.

We’re past 2023’s Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan a surprise trip if you’ve been thinking of doing so. Perhaps your anniversary is coming up, or a birthday, or maybe your partner has just secured a promotion at their job. 

Whatever the reason, designing a beautiful getaway the two of you can experience takes a little preparation. Let’s make that easier for you, so you can focus on enjoying it instead:

Select A Beautiful Location

Romantic getaways tend to be more comfortable in quiet areas where you’re sure you won’t be bothered. For some, that might mean staying in a hotel during off-peak seasons, renting a lodge by the waterfront, or perhaps choosing a gorgeous resort such as Resort Koh Samui. Make sure it has all the conveniences you may need, from catering to comforts like spa days or jacuzzis. It can also be nice to think of a good place to eat beforehand, checking restaurants in the local area. Italian, French and Mediterranean eateries tend to be the most romantic, but of course, this should be planned to your tastes.

Adding The Special Touches

You may be able to ask the hotel to deliver chocolates or flowers to your room, or book a private suite in the restaurant with a candle ready for you both. A beautiful trip such as hot air balloon ride or a boat trip is wonderful. For some, the special touch means referring back to a time when you met. Perhaps you’ll return back to the area and even request the hotel room where you spent your honeymoon, or walk along the beach where you proposed. Little efforts like this show the thought you put into the trip.

Always Plan For Downtime

Romance shouldn’t be rushed. When you’re on a conventional vacation with the family, you often try and be as productive as you can, making sure you have an event planned for each day and trying to do as much as possible. But romance should be relaxed. You might enjoy a quiet night in with some champagne watching the waves go by, or perhaps you’ll read in a coffee shop during the day, watch a movie, or head to a theatre show in the evening. Keep it low key and comfortable. It will help you think.

Plan A Special Treat

It’s nice to have a small treat where you can tell your partner the reason for the getaway, be that celebrating an event or simply because you wanted to do something nice for them, and to couple that with a nice bottle of wine, or a small gift they’d appreciate. This caps off the experience with a lovely little memory, a memento you can remember as you return back to normal life.
With this advice, you’re sure to design the ultimate romantic getaway for your partner, in the best possible sense.