If you’re heading out for your Christmas party and are struggling with makeup ideas, then here’s a cute guide on how to create the perfect evening look!

Remember in December it is perfectly acceptable to include glitter in your makeup routine. The most simple and easy makeup technique for evenings, is to go for a classy smokey eye and team it up with a beautiful red statement lip that just sings Christmas! Fa la la la, la la la lahhhhh (sorry, couldn’t resist!)


Your smokey eye can include beige and browns, golds and bronze or even black and greys. Smokey eyes are super easy, just choose 3 different shades (light, medium and dark). Just make sure you blend, blend and blend some more for the colours to really create a smokey hue. Pop the darkest colour under your eye too as this will increase and accentuate that sexy smokiness!

Aim to put the lightest shade all over the eye lid, then add the middle shade from the outer lid towards the middle and blend so the light and medium colours are lovely and blended with no harsh lines or blocks of colour.

With the darkest shade you then want to concentrate on the very outer corner of the eyelid and up into the crease of the lid. Again make sure you blend really well here so all colours merge together.


Don’t worry if it looks a little scary just now! Once you’ve popped on mascara and your lashes (optional) then the whole look will be complete. Why not inject some real sass and vibrancy into your makeup by adding a glitter eyeliner! This will really make your eyes pop and will give you the Christmassy playfulness that you’re looking for at this time of year.


I bet you’re thinking that you don’t suit red lipstick right? Wrong. There’s a red lipstick out there to suit every skin tone – believe me!

If you’ve got pale/fair skin then you should aim to go for reds that have more coral or pink hues. These shades won’t be too overpowering and will suit your skin tone perfectly.

If you’ve got a beige skin tone then you should go for reds that are true reds –  bold berry reds are perfect for your skin tone. If you go for the more vibrant classic red this will instantly make your teeth look whiter too…a wee trick for you there!

If you’ve got a medium skin tone you can play around with reds that have brown hues in them. ‘Brick red’ colours are perfect for your skin tone, whereas they would completely wash out paler skin tones.

If you have more of a darker/caramel skin tone then you can play around with all shades of red. You can be very versatile! You could even try out matte and glossy reds too because darker skin tones really suit all variations of textures and colours. Wine, true red and berry shades of red with satin finishes are perfect for glamorous evening looks.

So grab that smokey eye, swipe on the glitter eye liner, back comb that hair and apply that killer red lipstick. You will look FABULOUS!

Enjoy your Christmas parties x