Do you wake up in the morning and resemble Uncle Fester? 🤭

No matter what you try you just can’t seem to get rid of those bags & dark circles. We’ve heard the joke before “I could carry a fortnights shopping under my eyes” – if you’ve said that line before….. hallefuckinglujah you’re in the right place!

Ok so how do I get rid of them I hear you say? Well in this blog I’m going to concentrate fully on the dark circles. Check back next time for a more indepth blog on how to banish bags. We need to take this one step at a time.

Did you know that you are probably feeding the problem. Wine and salt is a huge factor of dark circles under the eyes. So yep, if you really want to get rid of your dark circles, you first need to give up the wine and the Lindt salted caramel chocolate…… oh you didn’t even know that existed?!.. YES. It does. I’m not going to lie. It’s seriously good too. After all I am the chocolate queen, so I know good chocolate!

Wine and salt certainly aren’t the one and only contributing factor though, so don’t throw out your cork screw just yet. Not getting enough sleep and getting too much sleep can also cause problems! What the actual fu*k though, seriously? Is there such a thing as too much sleep? I don’t think so.

How do I actually get rid of the dark circles then? 

Alright, you’ve more than likely tried all the miracle creams that promise to banish your dark circles in 3 seconds.. nope. Don’t waste your cash. Ain’t gonna work honey bunch.

But what does work is, randomly, potatoes! Yeah. I know. But keep going with me here. You need to cut up potatoes into circular wedges. Pop them over your eyes and leave for 15 minutes. I know this sounds utterly ridiculous, but beggars can’t be choosers and IT WORKS!

A client of mine in my beauty salon tried this after I told her about it. She did it 3 times a week, (with fresh potatoes obviously) and she saw a huge difference in her eyes. I wouldn’t recommend recycling your potato slices afterwards though…. but if you’re into that kinda thing. Go for it. Let me know how your mince and tatties taste!

Get your vitamin E onto your skin…

Another great thing for your eyes is vitamin E. Vitamin E is packed full of goodness and it fights off free radicals from the body which plays a huge part in the ageing process. It’s full of antioxidants and it helps to keep skin looking youthful and fresh, especially the skin around the eyes. Under eye skin is very thin and delicate so ages first. So using a very tiny amount of vitamin E cream around your eyes can help protect it.

…And get your vitamin K into your skin

Vitamin K is amazing for poor circulation. Poor circulation is another reason why some people get dark circles. Start eating tons of green vegetables. Broccoli, spinach, kale, Brussels sprouts all have fantastic nutrients that help improve the circulation. Maybe go steady on the veg though, all in moderation. Otherwise there might be some nuclear gasses coming from your under carriage! 💨

You also need to be drinking at least 2 litres of water every day too. It’s not as much as it sounds though…about 3.5 pints! If you can down a pint of Pinot on a Saturday evening no bother, then you definitely have the skills for downing water. However, you need to space your water intake out throughout the day. Water is amazing for clearing out any toxins in the body. It helps speed up metabolism and it helps the body to function normally. Circulation is improved by a good healthy body that works well!

Fake it till I make it

If you REALLY can’t wait until your body does the job for you and gets rid of your dark circles (it can take up to 14 days to see a difference. Leave up to 6 weeks though trying the Vit E and K trick), then you need to fake it till you make it! There’s an incredible powder that I sell in my salon, it’s a Lily Lolo mineral cosmetics product. It’s a delightful yellow coloured powder that is amazing for making dark circles disappear – just like that…POOOF! Gone! Toodledoo motherfuc*er!

The yellow powder is designed to counteract against purple tones in the skin. Dark circles are generally a very purple hued colour. You decant the product into the lid, grab your concealer brush and dab onto the dark circles. Then pop over a mineral foundation on top! Job done and your dark circles are banished. The product is called PeepO and is only £8!