Doors in the Home: 5 Ways They Can Add a Touch of Class

By Glossy Magazine

Doors in the Home 5 Ways They Can Add a Touch of Class

Doors in the Home: 5 Ways They Can Add a Touch of Class

Doors in the Home 5 Ways They Can Add a Touch of Class

Have you ever visited a friend’s home and been blown away by the internal doors that they have fitted? No? You aren’t alone there!

For some reason, everything in the home, except the doors, gets to have a fancy upgrade! People will spend thousands on rugs, curtains, and even paintings while leaving the doors looking bare and boring.

Of course, with a bit of research, you can upgrade the doors in your home to look stunning too, and here, you will be guided through some of the top ideas on how!

  1. The Handles

Starting with an interesting area, if you have standard internal doors fitted, then it is likely that they have the basic silver metal door handle.

Why not change that? There are so many chic and striking door handles available that can instantly upgrade the look of any door to match the overall décor. Brass door handles can give your home an Edwardian look, while black, matte door handles can add a bohemian look. 

  • The Material 

It’s no surprise that most internal doors are made from wood. However, that can lead to a bit of a flat look. 

There are many internal doors that have mixed wood with glass and metal to create a unique and artistic look. Most people will have seen a frosted glass door at one time, but why not opt to have every door in your home (except the bathroom!) fitted with one of these? That will create an interesting and artistic look, which will get your guests talking!

  • The Design 

The design of the door is important, too. 

Simple adding a bi-folding door, a door with panels, or doors that have areas that have been cut out to let light through can add an instant touch of class to your home. Add a lick of paint, and you may find that a bi-folding door in lilac is just what your living room needs to look modernized!

  • The Pattern

There is nothing wrong with an internal door that has a regular pattern. Of course, if you want to create a contemporary look, you will want to do away with the traditional and regular. So, opt for a glazed door with unusual and eye-catching patterns. These designs range from curved cuttings in the wood, all the way to sunshine cuttings, which will literally brighten up any room!

  • The Color!

OK, so many people think that internal doors in a home are either white or light brown.

If you are of an artistic persuasion, you may be looking to change that! Painting a door with a suitable color palette (and a suitable paint) is an ideal way to add a simple touch of class to your home. Of course, you should make sure it matches the rest of your home; if you have a boho-chic home, then you can opt for deeper colors, like dark red, green, and blue. If the palette of your home is pastels, then you know the color scheme that you need to choose from!