“There just isn’t a range out there that’s comfortable but still makes you still feel sexy!”

The demand for a range of sensual and elegant maternity lingerie first became evident to Doulara’s Creative Director Rebecca Neumark after eavesdropping on casual conversations between pregnant friends. Complaints like this, alongside a bland choice of colour palettes, unattractive straps and scant concern for the seductive details so familiar in high-end non-maternity designs demonstrated that the maternity lingerie market currently has very few major high-end competitors.

Further research revealed that many other pregnant women feel this way…59% of pregnant women surveyed felt dissatisfied with their current maternity garments, agreeing that there was a gap in the market for lingerie that felt both sexy and technically advanced. 65% of pregnant women confirmed that they would be interested in purchasing a luxury range that could combine the elegance of their pre-pregnancy lingerie with the supportive mastery of specialist maternity technology.

Doulara was born out of a clear desire communicated by real pregnant women to conserve and celebrate a little of the sensuality of their pre-pregnancy lives, despite their changing form. Crafted from luxuriously soft fabrics and technically-advanced design features and targeted at pregnant women aged 20 to 40, Doulara sets out to demonstrate how style and comfort can work in harmony, serving as both function and fashion whilst employing the use of a pioneering gel underwire technology not yet commonly utilised on the maternity market.

The central piece of the collection is the Day Bra. Built with an innovative gel underwire, its intelligent technology has been designed with a deep understanding of the pregnant female form, allowing the bra to grow and breathe with a rapidly developing size and shape of a pregnant woman. The complete range also includes specialist bras for nursing and nighttime (both also featuring the signature gel underwire) as well as a French knicker design, a classic cut bikini brief and a high waisted brief, which features hidden inner support for post-pregnancy/C-section comfort. A suspender belt completes the small but perfectly curated debut collection. All garments feature playful and unexpected details like cutout mesh panels and extra decorative straps.

The range is available for purchase online now at doulara.com,with price points starting at £25.