If we’re thinking about starting a relationship with someone, we want to know that our values match, that we don’t find their habits horrendous, and we have plenty of shared interests. But it seems we might start judging our prospective partners even before they’ve had their first drink with us. British dating app, Trueview, conducted a survey of 1,000 people to find out how Brits really feel about alcohol on a first date.

We all know that often, drinking alcohol on a first date can help calm our nerves, and even make us more chatty and entertaining (in our own minds, at least!). But beware what kind of alcohol you order, as your date will actually be judging you on it. A Martini (shaken not stirred) could suggest they are quite sophisticated, while a pint of real ale may denote they are more down to earth.

But one type of drink it appears most Brits are agreed on not being good to order on a first date, is a shot. 27% of us find it the most unattractive thing someone could order during an evening aimed at getting to know each other. This is possibly because it suggests the shot drinker likes to consume high strengths of alcohol, in as short a time as possible which, as we all know, can quite probably lead to some chaotic behaviour. Shots are fine on a stag do; less so when you’re trying to find out if the other person is as into Stranger Things as you are, or whether they want marriage and children…

Both men and women find ordering shots equally unattractive, and the second most unattractive drink their first date could order is a pint of cider – nearly a quarter of Brits (24%) would be turned off by the alcoholic apple drink. A not-insignificant 13% of us find our date ordering a pint of beer unacceptable, which is a bit of a concern as it’s probably one of the most widely drunk beverages in the UK. 12% of us would regard someone ordering a drink with no alcohol in it all with suspicion, even though they’re far more likely to be well behaved, not to mention actually remember the conversations that were had the morning after.

Less ill regarded are red and rose wine, with 8% and 7% of Brits respectively finding those off-putting. Only 3% of us would find someone ordering a spirit with a mixer, such as gin and tonic, unattractive, and just 2% think ordering a cocktail is bad. Order a white wine, however, and you’re bound to be in with a good chance; precisely none of us – 0% – find that in any way unattractive!

Regionally, the areas most against their date ordering shots included the East and West Midlands, Scotland and Greater London. The anti-cider brigade are most likely to live in the North West, the South East, Northern Ireland, and the South West. This is despite the fact that most cider is actually brewed in the South West – perhaps it’s just because they’re so used to it, they want their partner to show a little more  imagination…

The survey also found that over 1 in 10 of us (14%) would judge a potential partner based on the drink they ordered. And 45% of those said they wouldn’t be able to see past the drinks choice and would be put off straight away! Bit harsh, though – what if their partner is just really nervous or just fancied trying that type of drink for the first time that night?! Men are more judgemental than women, it seems; of those who would judge their partner based on what they drank, 72% would be put off entirely, end of story; while only 30% of women would. The rest would be able to see past something so superficial.

TrueView also found that over a third of us, obviously hoping to not be judged, would wait until their date had ordered their drink before deciding on their own! And of those, 43% wouldn’t go for what they actually wanted, they’d order something similar to what their date had! Not an entirely bad plan, however; it might make the other person think you’ve got even more in common…

The survey also asked how many alcoholic drinks is unacceptable to order on a first date. Nearly a quarter of us – 22.4% – think over 5 drinks is too many. The most disapproving regions include Yorkshire and the Humber, the West Midlands, Wales and Northern Ireland, who clearly think you can have just as good a time without alcohol.

Finally, TrueView asked what Brits would do if their date actually got drunk on a first date. A third of us said we’d just head home (spoilsports!), while a chivalrous 28% said they’d send their date home in a taxi. A fun-loving 27% said they’d just join in and get drunk too, which is much more in the spirit of things! 12% would just grin and bear it, seeing it through to the bitter end but then never calling them again….

“We all like to go out and get drunk with our mates, but it seems we apply slightly different standards when it comes to meeting up with someone we might end up in a relationship with! It looks like the key is to order just a couple of drinks, avoid shots and cider, and try to relax and enjoy yourself!” – Trueview founder Matt Verity