Elevate Your Style: How to Upgrade Your Look as a Modern Man

By Glossy Magazine

Elevate Your Style. Smartly dressed man.

Elevate Your Style: How to Upgrade Your Look as a Modern Man

Elevate Your Style. Smartly dressed man.

Are You Feeling the Need for Change in Your Appearance? Perhaps you have worn the same clothes and hairstyle for too long and want a change. While upgrading your style might appear intimidating as a man, upgrading it doesn’t need to be tough; simple steps exist which will enhance your appearance while simultaneously giving you more confidence.

This blog post will highlight some of the most effective methods to upgrade your look as a man. From dressing appropriately and grooming effectively, to finding an appropriate haircut and regiment – we cover everything. With some effort and care put forth towards personal transformation, your appearance could improve tremendously, leading to feeling like an upgraded version of yourself – let’s dive right in and start working towards that end goal! 

1. Determine Your Style

To upgrade your look, the first step should be identifying what style best reflects who you are as an individual. Are you more of a classicist who prefers classic button-down shirts and jeans, or an experimental trendsetter who enjoys trying on different looks? There is no right or wrong answer here – all that matters is finding something that accentuates who you are while giving you confidence.

2. Get a Haircut That Compliments Your Face Structure

Finding a haircut to compliment your face shape is essential when looking to upgrade your look, since the proper cut can accentuate and conceal flaws on both features and hide flaws altogether. For instance, having a round face requires getting one that elongates and slimming your profile like with a taper fade or razor fade cut that helps elongate it and appear slimmer overall.

Don’t be intimidated when visiting the barber, ask their advice and be open to suggestions – you might just be amazed how a good haircut can change things!

3. Purchase Clothing that can Withstand Daily Use

Quality over quantity when it comes to upgrading your look is of utmost importance. Instead of purchasing many affordable clothing items that won’t stand the test of time, make an investment in some high-quality pieces made from superior materials with timeless styles that won’t go out of fashion any time soon.

Quality clothing doesn’t need to break the bank; keep an eye out for sales or discounts – or check second-hand stores – where bargains could be waiting! A few quality pieces could do wonders for your overall appearance!

4. Make Sure Grooming is Prioritized

Paying close attention to your grooming can also enhance your appearance, giving a polished and put together appearance. Make sure that all aspects of skin, hair and facial hair care are being addressed on an ongoing basis. Put together a comprehensive skincare regime in order to keep your skin nourished and looking its best. Maintain regular facial hair trims; and if oily hair issues arise, invest in quality shampoo/conditioner sets in order to combat oil.

5. Accessorize 

Add sophistication and flair to your ensemble with accessories like watches or belts, or go bolder by opting for statement pieces such as scarves or colorful ties that draw the eye. Accessories must complement an outfit instead of overshadow it, so finding an appropriate balance is critical when accessorizing. 

Too many can create visual clutter and discord; too few might leave an ensemble looking uninspired or plain. Experiment with various pieces until you discover which are perfect for you; remember accessories are meant to complete it rather than compete against it!

Accessorizing can also be an excellent way to express yourself. From bold and colorful pieces, to understated classic ones, there’s sure to be an accessory out there to suit everyone – don’t be intimidated to have some fun and experiment! There is something out there suitable for every look and taste.

6. Take Care to Preserve Skin Health

One of the keys to improving your look as a man lies in taking good care of your skin, the largest organ of all. A healthy complexion will make you more youthful and attractive than ever!

Build an effective skincare regimen tailored specifically for you. This should involve cleansing and moisturizing twice each day: in the morning and before bed. Be sure to use products appropriate to your skin type; a dermatologist can assist in helping determine this for you.


Upgrading your look might seem intimidating at first, but it doesn’t need to be! By discovering your style and finding a haircut explicitly tailored for your face shape, investing in quality clothing, etc. – you can upgrade your appearance while feeling your absolute best! 

There’s no right or wrong way of upgrading; all that matters is finding what works for you and makes you feel confident – so experiment with various styles until you find one that makes you feel good.