Elevating Your Style With These Easy Tips

By Glossy Magazine

Elevating Your Style With These Easy Tips

Elevating Your Style With These Easy Tips

Elevating Your Style With These Easy Tips

Your style is something that needs to be unique to you and who you are as a person. Finding a style that works for you and makes you feel good can often feel like a never-ending pursuit, but it is definitely one worth pursuing.

Elevating your style, however, means that you are simply taking what you are already doing and bringing it up a notch to help you pull together your look and give it an air of sophistication and a polished look. But how can I do that?

Elevating Your Style With These Easy Tips

Quality Basics

You need to be investing in the quality basics every wardrobe needs. Think organic cotton and basic tees, denim and a pair of leather shoes: look for shoes online or in-store, as a minimum. You need basic items that fit you well, and you can wear them repeatedly without losing colour, shape or texture. These basics can be mixed and styled with other things to help you create a more stylish look.

Well Thought Accessories

Your accessories can take your outfit to the next level, but they need to be well thought out and strategic to do so. This can be via choosing the right hat to go with your outfit, a carefully selected handbag or the right jewellery to compliment what you are wearing, not overpower it. What accessories you choose need to be dependent on your outfit and work in a way that supports the look, whether this is understated and subtle for busier outfits or you select a more pared-down look to show off your accessories such as a graphic-designed bag or backpack making that the focus of the look instead of your clothing.

Keep an eye on current trends to see what is being worn right now and what you can invest in. Be selective in your pieces and avoid fully delving head to toe in the latest trends. A new season tee with a class pair of stonewash denim can be more impactful than pairing the season’s latest trends all over. Pay attention to design clashes to ensure your new pieces work with our current wardrobe so it flows with your style and look to make them fit seamlessly in and not stand out.

Confidence Is Key

Sometimes it isn’t just about what you wear but how you wear it. You need to feel comfortable in your choices, or this will show; if something doesn’t fit you properly or you are constantly fidgeting or adjusting yourself, you will immediately detract from the look you are trying to achieve. Only wear items you feel confident in; if you do this, you can look good and feel when wearing them.

Elevating your style isn’t always about what you wear; it’s about how you wear and style it. Think your outfits through carefully, compliment your look and find pieces that mesh with this aesthetic perfectly. When it comes to elevating your look, you need to be careful and make well-thought-out choices to make you look effortless and sophisticated without looking like you’re trying too hard.