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dr andre & Charlotte Dawson


dr andre & Charlotte Dawson

A new anti-aging clinic has launched in Cheshire offering bespoke treatments to reverse the biological clock and help patients to live healthily for longer.

Extensa Anti-Aging Clinic specialises in an advanced personalised preventative medicine programme which, combined with aesthetics, counters the signs of aging on the inside as well as the outside.

The clinic is run by former GP and sports physician Dr Andre Brittain-Dissont and his partner Dr Sam Brittain-Dissont,Clinical Pharmacist with a PhD in molecular biology.

They hosted a VIP launch event at The Colony in Wilmslow to showcase the new approach to health which could revolutionise the way people think about aging. Celebrity guests and leading industry professionals were given an exclusive preview of the treatments, as well as an opportunity to watch live demos and find out more in a Q&A hosted by Smooth FM’s Jo Lloyd.

dr andre launch event

Dr Andre and Dr Sam revealed details of how advanced personalised preventative medicine works, by using advanced medical tests and lifestyle assessments to measure biological years.

That age can then be brought down, and the risk of disease reduced, with a combination of lifestyle changes, supplements, hormone treatment, medication and new technology.

“It’s great making people look good from the outside, and we are very happy in how we do that with aesthetics, but it’s about having a longer lasting body on the inside. A change in medicine means we’re now able to identify things early, long before someone ever gets anywhere near showing symptoms of illness. New technology and high-level investigations allow us to measure your biological age and find out how old you really are, then slow that process down so we can increase your health-span – the years you live healthily. This is a whole new era of preventative medicine and we’re giving people the power to take control of aging and to see it as a disease instead of an inevitability.” – Dr Andre

The launch event, which also included live entertainment, gave Dr Andre and Dr Sam a chance to explain more about the bespoke process which will allow each individual patient to tailor their own approach to aging.

He added: “This must be the only launch event where guests left and were effectively younger the next day because they knew what they could do straight away. We hope they are now able to really frame what aging is and how their day-to-day behaviour affects it.”



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