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When we first saw the Zero Gravity Float Spa on Instagram, we were intrigued. When we found out it was locally based in Altrincham, we were even keener to give it a go.

Floatingis essentially what it says on the tin. You spend an hour lying quietly suspended in a warm solution of Epsom salt in a (we must admit) rather other worldly looking floatation pod. 

Upon arrival, you’re talked through the process – good for people who have concerns/queries, this isn’t your regular relaxation activity after all. You’re then shown to your own private room, complete with shower, silicone ear plugs, Vaseline to protect any cuts from the salt and, of course, the illuminated pod.

I tend to get bored quickly, so was worried about the hour-long stint in darkness with my own company, but, as the staff informed me, the aim isn’t necessarily to switch off but to slow down and take a breather from everyday life, which I certainly did. In fact, I almost fell asleep, which I hear is common as there’s no possibility of drowning due to the high buoyancy of water. Some people even fall asleep on purpose; one hour of float sleep is equivalent to two to three hours of deep sleep, so, many people float purely to help with jet lag or insomnia.

Saying that, you don’t have to be in darkness, floating in the soft lights was equally as relaxing. And don’t be concerned about feeling claustrophobic, the pods are the same size as an average king-size bed. 

The benefits? Lowering stress, muscle relaxation, improving circulation, improving sleep quality, managing depression, and joint and exercise pain reduction. Salt water is even great for skin – the list is endless!

Float for your mind, body, and wellbeing.


26 Stamford New Road


WA14 1EJ

0161 941 1902 

1 session, £35 | Packages from £85-£250





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