Five ways to transform your guest bedroom in 2024

By Glossy Magazine

Five ways to transform your guest bedroom in 2024

Five ways to transform your guest bedroom in 2024

Five ways to transform your guest bedroom in 2024

Hosting guests and want their experience of staying with you to be unforgettable? A great way to improve their visit is by paying attention to the room they’ll be sleeping in.

Having a guest room is a luxury. So, the space itself should feel luxurious – not just in terms of the cost of furnishings but also the time and effort that’s gone into arranging it. But what exactly should you do to show your guests how special they are to you?

In this article, we’ll share five ways to transform your guest bedroom in 2024.

Brighten things up

Good lighting can make or break your guest room décor. Investing in high-quality lighting like decorative table lamps can create a cosy atmosphere that helps your guests relax and feel at home. Lighting is also an important practical feature. Your guests will appreciate being able to read before sleeping and not having to fumble around in the dark just to get to the bathroom. 

Decorate with neutrals

Neutral colours were one of the biggest colour trends of 2023, and they are a great choice for your guest room colour scheme. Not only are they gender-neutral and easy on the eyes, but they also help reinforce the warm and inviting tone you want to set in a guest bedroom. 

Neutral colours aren’t restricted to just creams and beiges either! A range of different colours can work well here too, as long as you pick softer, muted shades instead of strong, saturated ones.

Upgrade your bedding

Décor undoubtedly plays a big role in how inviting your guest bedroom is. But so does the actual bed itself. Consider freshening things up with some additional soft furnishings like mattress toppers, extra blankets and a selection of pillows. Comfort items like these will help make your guest room feel more like a luxury bed and breakfast rather than a spare room.

Hang playful artwork

Looking for a quick way to give your guest room more personality? Consider hanging some interesting artwork on the wall. You can choose vibrant pieces to give a pop of colour and make a visually intriguing contrast with the neutral background. 

Add some greenery

Including living things is one of the best ways to make your guest room come to life. Whether they’re sitting on shelves, hanging from the ceiling or acting as statement pieces in a corner, indoor plants have so many benefits for health and wellbeing

Not only do they add a splash of colour and make your visitors feel grounded and connected to nature, but they also help keep the air clean, which should help your guests get a better sleep. 

Which of these changes could have the biggest impact on your guest room?