Gifts For The Social Butterfly In Your Life

By Glossy Magazine

Gifts For The Social Butterfly In Your Life celebration

Gifts For The Social Butterfly In Your Life

Gifts For The Social Butterfly In Your Life celebration

Whether someone special has a birthday coming up or you want to start getting ready for Christmas a little earlier, the best gift choices are always those that get a little personal, understanding what your friend or loved ones really cherish. If you have a friend, family member, or partner who is always entertaining guests, and always quick to offer a welcoming experience, then you might want to look at the gifts that best fit that socialite soul of theirs. Here, we’re going to look at a few options well worth considering.

The nice smellies

If you have a friend or family member who is constantly inviting people to their home, then there’s already a good chance that they put a lot of effort into making it presentable and nice for their guests as well. Beyond the aesthetic touches, the smell of the place can have a lot to do with how comfy it feels. Choosing the right scented candles for them, or even a set of candles, can help them do that with even more variety. Of course, you want to make sure they’re not the kind of people to think you might be suggesting their home smells bad, but most people don’t jump to that conclusion as anything other than a joke.

A cute planner

While it might not be super suitable as a main gift in a lot of cases, getting them a cute monthly planner can show that you really know what’s important to them. For those who like to manage an active social life, not to mention a busy professional life, keeping hold of all of the lists, calendars, and alerts they could need could be a big fit for them. If you think they’re really going to love having a planner, then you can go a little bigger with the budget and get them a reusable planner with smart pages that can be erased, so they can be used time and time again. Just make sure you’re not late for any future social appointments, they’ll have the receipts.

How about a cup of Joe?

There’s nothing quite like meeting up for a chat and a cup of great coffee. Alas, for the latter, you might feel like you have to take a trip to the nearest coffee shop to get anything more than a straight, black coffee, but that’s not the case. If your friend is a coffee lover, then you can really make their day by finding the best latte machine to suit their needs. Latte machines are typically coffee machines that just have the ability to make a much wider variety of drinks by mixing milk into the drink as you would get at a coffee shop. Outside of entertaining guests with a delicious cup of coffee, it’s just going to make it so much easier for them to indulge in their faves when alone, too.

Gifts For The Social Butterfly In Your Life barbecue

Get the grill out

You might not want to get your recipient a whole grill. For one, they might not exactly want one in their garden, and they might have different preferences between the different types, be it electric, gas, or otherwise. However, if they already have a grill of their own, then you can definitely make their day by getting them a set of BBQ grill tools (including a meat thermometer so you can feel a lot safer about eating with them.) Pair it with a cute or funny themed apron that speaks to their personality and interest, and it can make summer days by the grill even more inviting.

The perfect place to serve

If the social butterfly in your life loves to invite people around to eat, whether it’s to grill, for a dinner party, or even just to hang out with a charcuterie board, then you can make sure that they’re able to do it in style with a gift as simple as a serving platter. There are gorgeous quartz serving trays that can really offer a luxury look to even the simplest of affairs, while making sure those long-planned nights together get that touch of care they really need. There are plenty of other serving tray types you can check out, as well, so see if you can find something to match the recipient’s aesthetic well.

Something a little stronger

A lot of our social experiences can be tied around food and drink, and when it’s an adults-only party, then the fun can really start pouring. If your friend loves to bring out a bottle of wine, then you make sure that they always have something new and interesting to try out with a gift like a wine subscription box. These subscription boxes can come with interesting information on the kind of wines that are delivered, as well as pairing recommendations, which can make dinner parties even easier for them to plan. Or you can just crack open a bottle and start enjoying without any fuss at all.

Gifts For The Social Butterfly In Your Life restaurant

The cocktail bar experience

Keeping with that theme, perhaps your friend likes to whip together a mojito or an old-fashioned every now and then. If mixology is something of a hobby for them, then you can pick up a set of cool and chic bar tools, like shakers, mixers, and all the other doo-dads needed to whip up drinks the right way. Of course, it’s an even better gift if you can include the ingredients of some of their own personal favorite cocktails as well. It’s definitely going to make casual drinks a lot more interesting than popping open a bottle of wine alone and lets them show off their style and skill to boot.

A good set of glasses or mugs

Of course, with so many gifts that take a closer look at how much we love a good drink with friends, whether alcoholic or not, you need to make sure that they have the right drinkware for the occasion. If you’re opting for glasses, the function should always come first, while some style is always appreciated. Otherwise, for coffee or tea lovers, you might want to consider those with designs that fit their interests and personality. You might want to avoid going too far into kitsch humor with them, but if you can hit their passions on the head, it can very well become their favorite mug that they’re always quick to pick out of the cupboard first.

A nice piece of wristwear

If your loved one or friend spends a lot of time around other people, then there’s a good chance that they also want to make sure that they’re presentable while they do. There are a lot of gifts that you can choose to help them do this, but fashion gifts can be tricky unless you really know them. What is typically a lot less tricky is to choose an accessory that they’re able to pair with certain outfits, or to wear with anything and everything, and nothing fits both vibes quite as well as a classy watch. A timeless accessory, a good piece of wristwear never goes out of fashion, and always conveys a certain kind of style and prestige.

The perfect small bag

Any woman who spends a lot of her time going out to parties, restaurants, and events is going to have a small bag at the ready, keeping her stash of accessories, makeup touch-ups, and all of the other essentials on hand for whenever they’re needed. To that end, you might want to take a close look at the recipient’s taste when it comes to accessories to choose something that’s in the same wheelhouse, or you might pick out something that you think she’s missing from her collection, perhaps something to match certain styles that she likes to go out in. Just make sure that the choice is practical, with the storage that she needs, on top of being stylish.

An experience to enjoy together

A lot of people who fit the role of social butterfly do so because they love nothing more than to spend their time with the people that they like. Experiences can fill them with energy, rather than drain it from them. As such, if you’re able to gift them those moments that they will want to carry with them for the rest of their life, then that might be one of the most precious gifts of all. There are all kinds of experience gifts, whether it’s a paid trip, city break, a day out at the spa, or otherwise, think about which experiences your loved one would really appreciate, and either take them there yourself or give them two vouchers and let them choose whoever they would like to take with them.

With the tips above, you should be able to find something that can help the social butterfly in your life enjoy hanging out even more. Just don’t be surprised if you’re one of the first to get an invite to enjoy it with them.