Glossy Magazine Director: back powering on the Padel Court. Thanks to the OrthTeam Centre

By Glossy Magazine

Padel Court

Glossy Magazine Director: back powering on the Padel Court. Thanks to the OrthTeam Centre

Padel Court

Director of Glossy Magazine, Salim, recently injured his right shoulder whilst playing padel – one of the UK’s fastest emerging sports – and was advised by a friend to see consultant shoulder surgeon, Mr Matt Ravenscroft at the OrthTeam Centre.


Salim says: “I was in a lot of pain and struggling to do everyday tasks like dressing and driving, due to injuring my shoulder. My friend had been successfully treated by Mr Ravenscroft previously, and at our initial meeting, I was impressed by how professional and knowledgeable he was, and he explained my options in a clear and concise manner.”

Salim was suffering from shoulder impingement or impingement syndrome, which occurs when your rotator cuff rubs against the top of your shoulder, creating pressure that irritates muscles and tendons. Overhead activity of the shoulder, especially repeated activity, like padel or tennis, is a risk factor for shoulder impingement.

Mr Ravenscroft explains: “Salim had the typical symptoms of shoulder impingement, characterised by pain to the side of the shoulder, which worsened when the arm was taken out to the side, also pain at nighttime in bed.

“In order to understand what the cause of the impingement was, I examined his right shoulder and requested an MRI scan.”

The MRI scan looks at the state of the rotator cuff tendons which can rub on the shoulder giving the symptoms. It’s essential to know that the tendons aren’t damaged or torn – if they are then a surgical route is more usual. 

“As Salim’s tendons were okay,” continued Mr Ravenscroft, “then the options to help him get back onto the padel court were: physiotherapy, a steroid injection to the irritated area and, if that failed to settle the symptoms, then we could consider a surgical option to make more space for the tendons to move. In Salim’s case, the best course of treatment was an ultrasound-guided steroid injection which worked very well, and he is back on the padel court without any restrictions.”

Salim adds: “Following my steriod injection, I’m glad to say that I’m now pain-free and have once again been able to pick up my racket at The Padel Club in Wilmslow!

“I received superb care and five-star service from beginning to end and I can’t thank Mr Ravenscroft and the OrthTeam Centre enough.”


For more information or to book a consultation with Mr Matt Ravenscroft, please call 0161 447 6888