The popular Chinatown establishment, Golden Dragon Restaurant has opened its flagship in Colindale, North London. The 300 cover restaurant features classic Hong Kong style décor and specialises in dim sum by day and Cantonese and Pekinese á la carte in the evening.

Golden Dragon opened its first branch in Chinatown over 20 years ago and is renowned for its dim sum and Peking duck. The restaurant is popular with both Chinese and Londoners alike. Similarly, the Colindale hotspot is perfect for large groups and traditional Chinese-style banqueting, as well as couples seeking a more intimate experience.

Golden Dragon serves authentic dim sum dishes from Noon until 5pm, which is the traditional time to enjoy dim sum in China. Culinary delights include Char Siu pork bun; Prawn and chive dumplings; Crispy bean curd rolls; Grilled Peking dumplings with pork; and Snails in satay sauce.

The stylish restaurant prides itself on offering the finest authentic Cantonese cuisine. Golden Dragon is famed for its duck which it offers in a variety of ways including the traditional Roast Peking duck and Aromatic crispy duck. The sleek restaurant boasts a large BBQ area which is fired up each morning so that chefs can expertly cook everything on site. Guests can rest assured that all the dishes are prepared fresh that day by skilled Cantonese chefs with over 30 years of experience. The glass window allows diners to view the ducks on offer, as well as the chefs at work.

Golden Dragon serves a traditional à la carte menu all day. Authentic Chinese dishes include a variety of seafood options such as Szechuan chilli scallops and Steamed whole sea bass with ginger and spring onions; traditional Chinese meat dishes include Sweet and sour pork and Crispy chicken Cantonese style, as well as Hot Pots and Bean curd dishes. Tables come equipped with a state-of-the-art ceramic hot plate to ensure that dishes, such as traditional Chinese hot pots and soups, stay warm.

Golden Dragon offers a Specials Menu featuring unique chef specialties including Spicy crab; House special pork ribs; Abalone chicken pot; and Traditional braised stuffed duck.

Golden Dragon’s elegant decor was designed by Stiff + Trevillion. A radiant black and gold colour scheme creates a luxurious and elegant vibe. The sophisticated restaurant features ornate Chinese illustrations on the walls creating striking visual impact.

Fine wine & teas.

The restaurant has an extensive wine list, plus a fine wine section. There is a vast tea menu with an impressive range of teas, which are stored in a traditional Chinese tea chest situated behind the bar.

The restaurant is open from Noon until 10pm Monday to Thursday, Noon until 10.30pm on Friday, 11am until 10.30pm on Saturday and 11am until 10pm on Sunday.

Golden Dragon, 399 Edgware Road, Colindale, NW9 0FH

For reservations, please call: 0208 2058333