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For the first time in months, we have the perfect reason to make sure our hair truly shines this summer. But in order to ensure our hair stays healthy out in the heat we need to observe some golden rules…

Be aware of sun damage & Cover up

The importance of using sunscreen protection on our skin is well documented, but the sun can also do a lot of damage to our hair. Prolonged exposure to UVA and UVB rays can damage the cuticle – the outside layer of the hair. This can cause dryness and brittleness, along with split ends and frizziness. It can also discolour the hair, because the sun acts like a bleaching agent, which irreversibly damages the hair’s protein (also known as Keratin).

If you are going to be outdoors and want to have your luscious locks out, or show off your new style, it’s best to make plans early in the morning or later in the afternoon. This way you’ll keep your hair (and skin) out the way of the sun’s strongest rays.

When your summer plans include outdoor events, where you may be exposed to the daytime summer sun, try a chic new style that incorporates wrapping a scarf around your hair or wearing a sunhat. Alternatively carrying a parasol; your portable umbrellawill also come in handy in case of the British summer strikes again with the usual unexpected showers! The parasol will also help protect your hair from the threat of dryness and damage caused by the sun.

Care for your hair 

Research the best products for your hair, and the climate you are living in and build in time for some hair TLC. Whether that’s regular trips to get a trim (especially after swimming), hair treatments, or just a good wash and condition, it’s important to keep your hair health routine amongst all the exciting summer events.

A homemade hair mask can be a quick boost and is often possible to make with ingredients you have at home. We love this avocado vegan mask from Vegaprocity…yum!

The perfect activity for a hot day…a trip to the beach or cooling off in the swimming pool. But it’s not so perfect for your hair. When swimming, whether in the sea or in a pool (all the chlorine!), try not to wet your hair every time. Using a swimming cap or tying your hairout the way on top of your head can help. Otherwise, if your hair gets wet just rinse in clean water. Always gently towel dry, after swimming. Using a hair dryer, especially without any heat protection products will cause dryness and damage.

Eat well & Hydrate

As we always advocate, you are what you eat, and this can also be reflected in the health of your hair.

Even though most of us tend to eat less in the summer, make sure you keep those lighter portions as healthy as possible with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. If you buy fruits and veg, buy them in season or even better – grow your own. Seasonal fruits and vegetablestaste their best when ripe and are also cheaper when bought in season.

Hydrate – in the hot weather we need more liquids, so does our skin and hair. Try carrying around a reusable water bottle, and shake up the flavour by adding fresh mint or lemon!

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