Goodbye, gut pain. Hello, Mi Vida Inner Health!

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Ruth Tansey Mi Vida Inner Health

Goodbye, gut pain. Hello, Mi Vida Inner Health!

Ruth Tansey Mi Vida Inner Health

Did you know that nearly half of the UK population experiences digestive discomfort at any one time? 

The impact of these issues on day-to-day living can be monumental.

If this sounds all too familiar, Ruth Tansey, Founder of Mi Vida Inner Health and its hugely successful Transform Your Gut programme, can help.

Having lost 20 years of her life to poor gut health and endured a costly and stressful merry-go-round of failed diagnoses and treatments, certified nutritionist and wellbeing coach Ruth is passionate about helping others start living freely and pain-free again.

GM: Tell us about your own experiences, Ruth… 

R: From the age of 15, I suffered with irritable bowel syndrome. It was horrendously uncomfortable; I was in pain all the time. I was in and out of hospital and constantly at the doctors. 

Twenty years passed, I was still no closer to a proper diagnosis or controlling my symptoms. The stress of searching for answers only worsened my condition. I had huge responsibilities in my job, so had to keep trying more and more treatments just to get through the day. 

GM: How did you finally heal?

R: My GP told me there was nothing more he could do. Everything appeared ‘normal’ and every avenue had been explored. I decided to take control and do my own research. I resigned from my job and started training to be a nutritional therapist. I discovered innovative ways of testing and natural treatments; it turned my health around and now I’m able to help others too. 

GM: Why is gut health so important? 

R: When your microbiome (the microorganisms in your gut that stimulate the immune system, break down toxins and synthesize certain vitamins and amino acids) are out of balance, it causes awful reactions in the body. Your gut is your epicentre; every single cell and organ in our body needs nutrients from the food we eat to perform optimally, keep us well and stave off disease.  

GM: Tell us more about your programmes…

R: The first step is booking a free health check (online or in person); an initial chat to discuss symptoms and next steps. The programmes are tailormade to each individual. Getting the root cause is my priority and I do this using gold-standard tests, including comprehensive stool analysis. 

My self-healing programmes can include changes in diet (food as medicine), science-based nutraceuticals (natural medicines), colonics and wellness coaching (think yoga, mindfulness, meditation and walks in nature). 

Programme duration varies, from three to nine months, and I also have a network of professional partners to whom I can refer clients who need additional support outside of the clinic.

GM: How successful are the programmes proving?

R: Since opening the clinic in 2021, I now have clients from all across the country and the feedback has been amazing. People can be sceptical at first, often their journey so far has been frustrating and expensive. They take part in a programme and witness these incredible revelations; quite quickly, they feel like completely different person! 

I offer aftercare too – I always stay in touch. Patients really do become friends.  

GM: You’re also about to publish a self-help book, IBS is it really!? Transform your Gut, tell us more… 

R: Gut issues ruled so much of my life, I don’t want this to happen to anyone else. The book gives the reader the tools to identify what’s going on, ways to help themselves and get results. It’s packed full of recipes too; lots of flavours, lots of plants! People with gut problems limit their food repertoire, too scared to eat certain things. This book and its recipes will change all that.    

Six surprising effects of gut troubles

  • Skin rashes
  • Hair loss
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Low mood 
  • Hay fever
  • Joint pain

Say YES to Ruth’s chocolate & banana pancakes

*Gluten, dairy & yeast free / low FODMAP* 


  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 rounded tbsp raw cocoa powder
  • 1 unripe banana
  • Pinch of Himalayan fine salt
  • Coconut oil


  • Blend everything to a smooth paste
  • Heat 1 tsp coconut oil in frying pan
  • Add small amount of butter. When bubbles form, flip & cook on the other side
  • Serve with berries of your choice, add nut butter for extra protein.

“It’s not an exaggeration to say Ruth has changed my life. She is the first person that truly listened to my story and explained everything in a way that makes sense. Working with Ruth is priceless.”


Ruth’s top five self-help tips

1. Breathe

Before each meal, focus on your breath.   

Breathe in for three, out for six (or, if that feels too much, try in for two and out for four). 

This aids digestion – less stress and strain on the stomach, small intestine and colon.   

2. Chew

Chew each mouthful of food at least 20 times!  

Digestion starts in the mouth. The more work we do chewing, the easier it is for the entire system to digest, absorb and assimilate those vital nutrients required to keep our bodies and gut working effectively.  

3. Eat mindfully 

Sit at a table and fully focus on and engage in eating.  

When we become truly present and engaged in the art of eating, we experience a calmer, more centred digestive system. 

4. NEVER overeat

Eating super quick or sneaking in that extra slice or mouthful, only to feel horribly bloated and comfortable afterwards? It really is the worst thing you can do (instead, follow tip 3).

5. Don’t drink with a meal

Drink 30 minutes before or two hours (one hour minimum) after. Go for water, fresh veg juice or herbal teas – this stops the digestive enzymes required to breakdown food being diluted.


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Ruth’s book IBS is it really!? Transform your Gut is published in April by Author House.