How A Health Condition Can Inspire You To Enjoy Greater Quality Of Life

By Glossy Magazine

How A Health Condition Can Inspire You To Enjoy Greater Quality Of Life

How A Health Condition Can Inspire You To Enjoy Greater Quality Of Life

How A Health Condition Can Inspire You To Enjoy Greater Quality Of Life

To suggest that a health condition is a doorway to a better life would be a callous perspective to put forward, and indicate that the author of such an insight was unlikely to have a real perspective on the matter. It’s true that if given the option, most people would prefer to be free from health conditions.

However, it’s true that many individuals who experience disability do so with dignity, care, and grace, and take nothing for granted. Those are objectively admirable qualities. Do you need a health condition to curate them? Not at all. But the challenge of such personal management and developing optimism despite the hardships of life can bring about some of the best people you may have the pleasure of meeting.

So, it’s clear that despite the very real struggles, harm, misfortunes, and simple unfair life outcomes those with health conditions may experience, it’s still perfectly possible for them to develop magnetic, compelling personalities, and enjoy a refined outlook on life. So, can a health condition inspire you to enjoy a greater quality of living, all based on your perspective on the world? We believe it’s possible. Here’s how:

Let’s explore how:

You Have Nothing To Apologize For

It’s important not to think about walking on eggshells or making excuses for your needs. That health condition is just a part of your life, and not the whole story. It doesn’t define your character in the slightest. No matter if you need extra time to enter a store, equipment to manage type 1 diabetes, ask for accommodations, or simply rest when your body needs it, own that with pride. The sooner you let go of that apologetic mindset, the sooner you’ll truly start living life on your own terms, and it allows you to avoid feeling “lesser” than able-bodied people. Often, you can even develop a healthy respect for yourself.

You’ll Deeply Enjoy Good Days & Show Strength On Bad Days

Health conditions can bring rough patches, but that just makes the good days feel sweeter. When you’re feeling fired up on those good days with healthy amounts of energy, you’re allowed to milk it for all it’s worth. Those with health conditions often find joy in hobbies, adventures, passion projects – whatever lights that inner fire. Moreover, they become grateful for happy memories and use them to fuel their motivation and zest for life. It’s easy to appreciate people like this, as they have a natural magnetic pull about them. Some may not have this fire before a health condition, but challenge can inspire it. If that sounds like you, then don’t worry about it “not being authentic,” sometimes we just need a little push to reveal our best selves.

Motivation & A Desire To Prove Yourself Can Lead To Healthy Outcomes

Having a health condition doesn’t make you any less capable of reaching your potential, even if you have to climb harder and further to get there. Use that as motivation to defy expectations and limitations. You’ve shown incredible strength just dealing with your daily realities – now use that drive to focus on goals, take on challenges, and live your life to the fullest. Even if it’s just learning to walk again, that can be the equivalent of climbing Everest for others. Don’t compare yourself to others and realize it’s all relative. Whatever you set your mind to, you can achieve. Having that in your mind can help us feel younger at heart.

With this insight, we hope you can see that despite your health condition, quality of life is there for the taking, and often perspective based.

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