In the online gambling industry, there is a huge difference in the number of men and women who play.

An article about gender in online gambling by the BBC revealed that 37% of men say that they have gambled, compared to 28% of women. This may be because of the popularity of sports betting, as men are statistically more likely to watch sports, and because of how film and TV show more men playing casino table games than women.

For online gambling sites, making games for women who do want to play, but feel that there aren’t any options for them, could make potentially make the industry billions of dollars. Making gambling games for women doesn’t just mean making the game pink, though, and some sites have found a way to use bingo and popular TV shows to get them playing.

How Online Bingo Sites Use Popular TV Shows

There are several ways that gamers can play bingo online with Paddy Power, for example, and some of the most played use popular TV shows to entertain players, such as Britain’s Got talent and the classic, Deal or No Deal. The latter is a bingo game that uses the classic box-opening gameshow to create fun gameplay, as players experience the same aesthetic and sense of tension as they would sitting in front of the banker’s black telephone in the studio.

Why Do Bingo Sites Use TV Shows?

Online bingo sites aren’t using popular TV shows just because they think that women like them. A report about who watches TV by Realytics reveals that women spend four hours and 36 minutes each day watching television compared to three hours and 59 minutes watching television by men. Furthermore, as an example, 39.9% of women also say that they watch Britain’s Got Talent every week, compared to 26.3% of men.

Simultaneously, making a game pink won’t get female gamers enjoying online bingo and slots. Online casino sites have to offer something that women will enjoy, such as a game about their favorite TV show, their favorite book series, or their favorite film. This will help to keep those gamers playing and sharing their enjoyment with their friends.

What Other Games Are There for Female Gamers?

Online gambling will undoubtedly become more popular with women as the variety of games made for female players grows. This is why we’ve seen several games of several types use TV shows and films popular with women to do this. There’s also the Grease Bingo game, a Deal or No Deal slot, and a Ladies Night scratch card that has symbols such as hairdryers and perfume, making players feel like they are enjoying a night out with their friends.

Female gamers can enjoy any game or form of online gambling and many do also want to place bets on horse racing and football matches. That’s not for everyone though, and the release of more online bingo games and slots for women will only make gambling more popular with everyone, regardless of gender.

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