How To Become An Interesting, Interested Person

By Glossy Magazine

How To Become An Interesting Interested Person

How To Become An Interesting, Interested Person

How To Become An Interesting Interested Person

In life, it’s good to try and maximize our positive qualities and reduce the impact of our negative flaws. Of course, we will never be flawless in life, but we can certainly become aware of our characteristics and try to remedy the most harmful. 

For example, it may be that you’re very welcoming, loving and accommodating, but you have a hard time controlling your temper if someone is rude to you. Working on that could involve breathing techniques, knowing when to let small issues slide, and to walk away from people who act like this rather than giving in to “correcting them.”

With this in mind, sometimes it’s good to reassess your life’s priorities through this method. Perhaps you’re relatively bored and find that you have little fun with your social group, or have many fewer friends since starting a family. To reinvigorate your social life now your children have flown the nest or you have the energy for social matters again, you might consider how to soothe your boredom and find something worth diving into.

The secret? To be an interesting person, you have to be interested in the world around you. But how can you achieve that after years of simply keeping up with your responsibilities and little else? In this guide, we’ll help you address that flaw and nourish your curiosity instead:

Keep An Open Mind

The more you can keep an open mind and pursue your curiosities, the better. For example, British Indian cuisine is an offshoot of its rooted component, but it’s good to not stay there, rather to move forward and enjoy authentic Indian food to get a real taste of this wonderful, spicy, colorful continent in the best possible context. When you have that mindset to learn, you become someone who is perpetually impressed and sees the joy in creativity.

Express Your Creativity

Having outlets to express your creativity can help you make a certain craft part of your personality and how you relate to the world. That might seem odd, but it’s perfectly natural. When you love to learn about baking, you take an interest in worldwide delicacies and desserts, figures that have improved understanding and contributed to cuisine, and vintage methods of preparing gorgeous, delectable treats. To enjoy creativity, there’s nothing like becoming creative.

Learn About Others

Nurturing a healthy interest in others, the decisions they make, how they express themselves and more can be a perfect means of absorbing culture, gaining new perspectives, and learning a better way to move through the world. Someone with the ability to learn in this context becomes a student of the world and those around them. For example, you might discuss Diwali with a colleague celebrating it, including their customs, how it impacts their day to day life, and how it binds their family and community together. This can inspire you to get involved and enjoy being part of that, making the world a little more interesting and open to you.

With this advice, you’re sure to become an interesting, interested, and always-ready-to-learn person people just can’t help but want to be around.