How to decide on your New Year’s resolution – and stick to it

By Beverley Uddin Khandakar

How to decide on your New Year's resolution and stick to it.

How to decide on your New Year’s resolution – and stick to it

How to decide on your New Year's resolution and stick to it.

Every time the new year rolls around, millions of people across the UK decide on their next resolution for the upcoming 12 months. However, sticking to your new year’s resolution proves increasingly difficult as the months go by. Whether your resolution for 2023 is one of the most common aims like going to the gym more, eating healthier or meeting new people, or is slightly more personal to you, here’s how to decide on your new year’s resolution – and stick to it.

How to choose a new year’s resolution?

The start of the new year is the perfect opportunity to start making the changes you said you would make next week, next month, or even when the new season starts. But choosing a new resolution every year can be difficult. 

A great place to begin when choosing a resolution is to assess how your resolutions have gone in the past. Have you failed on a resolution that you would like a second go at? Has there been a theme between all the resolutions you’ve made? You can also sit down and prepare a list of important lifestyle changes you want to make next year, then combine these into one common new year’s resolution for 2023.

How to stick to your new year’s resolution?

Research shows that 23% of people quit their new year’s resolution after just one week. Yet there are a few ways that make it easier to stick to your new year’s resolution:

Decide on a specific goal

It can be harder to stick to an ambiguous goal like “losing weight” or “getting in shape”. Instead, focus on something more concrete like committing to losing 7 pounds, running a half-marathon, or calling your loved ones at least 3 times a week.

Remind yourself why you’re doing this

During the first few days of the start of the new year, you’ll probably feel confident that you’ll be able to stick to your resolution throughout the year. However, after facing the reality of doing yet another home workout, or noticing the effects of nicotine withdrawal on your body, your motivation may start to dwindle. When you find yourself getting less enthused about your 2023 goal, writing down exactly why you’re doing this and what you have to gain by achieving your goal can keep you going when times start getting tough.

Try something new

Choosing to start a new hobby as your 2023 resolution is one of the easiest ways to stick to your goal throughout the year. Trying something new means you’re not having to face previously lost battles from resolutions past, and you can keep your mind busy as well as build up your personal skills. A popular new skill often undertaken in the new year is cooking; if you’re planning on becoming a culinary connoisseur, investing in the right cooking utensils like quality saucepans and sharp knives will make it a whole lot easier to stick to your 2023 aim!

The new year is the perfect opportunity to set yourself a new goal for the next 12 months. No matter what you make your resolution for 2023, the above tips will help you not only stick to your goal but enjoy achieving it!