How to Drive Safely in Summer

By Glossy Magazine

How to Drive Safely in Summer

How to Drive Safely in Summer

How to Drive Safely in Summer

The summer weather can put a great deal of stress on motor vehicles – and on the motorists who drive them. If you have a long summer road trip planned, then the stresses on both will be considerable – but even day-to-day summer driving can take its toll. Staying comfortable in the driver’s seat, and keeping your vehicle ticking, is often a matter of preparing for the season.

But what should that preparation look like? Let’s take a look.

Stay hydrated

Going on a long drive without any fluids can cause dehydration. This will make you slightly irritable – which can make a difference in an already stressful drive on an unfamiliar road. It’ll disrupt your concentration, too.

In warm weather, you’ll dehydrate that much more quickly. By taking a bottle of water with you, this risk will be reduced. If you have a refillable one, you can top it up at hotels and service stations.

Regular car checks

The summer poses several specific threats that can be avoided through regular inspections and preventative maintenance. If you’re parked under a tree, for example, then falling small objects can easily damage the paintwork. This goes for leaves and other pieces of plant matter, which should not be allowed to sit undisturbed on the top of the car.

Your approach here should be to identify and correct small problems before they have a chance to grow into big, expensive ones. Top up all of your fluids, test the lights, and check the connections around your battery. If you have a service due, then it might be a good idea to time it so that the car goes in during the weeks before a long trip.

Taking out car insurance of the right kind could help to keep you covered when things go wrong. But, being proactive when it comes to fixing your car will help to prevent them from going wrong in the first place.

Prevent overheating

Sometimes, you’ll return to your car to find the interior has become extremely hot. This is a particular problem if your interior is black, or if you’re transporting small children and pets. You can deal with it by parking in shady spots, or by pulling a cover under the windscreen. Some cars will even allow you to turn the air conditioning on remotely, ensuring that the car is at the perfect temperature when you step into it again.

Take regular breaks

During warm weather, fatigue could take its toll. Don’t spend too long in the driver’s seat at one time. Pull over and clear your head. If you’ve got your service station stops planned out in advance, this will be straightforward. You might also decide at these points to switch driving duties with one of your passengers.