How to Enjoy Your Holiday More

By Glossy Magazine

How to Enjoy Your Holiday More

How to Enjoy Your Holiday More

How to Enjoy Your Holiday More

If you don’t enjoy your holiday you will waste money! From exotic, far-flung destinations to the classic British staycation, we all need some time off now and then. From planning what to do each day to capturing the memories, here are five tips to get more from your next vacay!

Try Something New and Exciting

Going somewhere with a bit of action means you can get to try something you wouldn’t usually do. Places with a bit of sun mean you can try beach and water activities, which are not possible for about 99% of the year in the UK! Want to get on a paddle board down a pristine river? Jump on a Tidal Rave and let the day pass you by! Being away from home means you are able to try new and exciting things. Of course, if you just want to laze by the pool, that’s perfectly okay, too!

Make a Plan for Each Day

It can be a little frustrating trying to decide what to do when you are surrounded by activities. This is especially true for groups of friends or when you have kids. It helps to make a plan for each day before you leave. Get everyone’s input so each of you gets to do something they want, or it just isn’t fair. Planning like this also takes away the stress of coming up with things to do while you are there, taking up the valuable time that is better spent enjoying yourselves!

Enjoy Your Holiday with Local Food

Going to new places means getting to enjoy what the place has to offer. This means different things to different people. But so many of us love exotic foods! However, a survey of Brits found that 46% will look for brands they know, such as McDonald’s, when travelling. This is a waste of valuable experience. Even if you eat something you don’t enjoy, at least you gave it a go! You never know; the local food might inspire you to try cooking things like prawn pakoras at home.

Take a Camera with You

We all love capturing snaps these days, whether it’s for private memories or blasting your Insta account! Most of us have cameras on our phones. And these are okay for the most part. But you can indulge a new hobby while enjoying your holiday too! You can pick up a beginner DSLR camera like the Canon 4000D pretty cheap these days. It is harder to use than a phone camera, but the results are far superior. Be warned, though, DSLR photography can be addictive!

Save Money for Spends

One of the worst nightmares you could have while trying to enjoy a holiday is running out of money. Almost everywhere is expensive these days as the cost of everything has gone up. There are also local businesses that actively take advantage of tourists even in the UK! All-inclusive holidays are a good choice for families. However, you will still need money to venture out. Save a bit and plan a budget for how much to spend each day or each trip.


Trying something new, such as paddleboarding, will help you enjoy your holiday more this year. Get out and explore especially local food! But be sure to save enough money to take with you!

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