How To Help Kick The Bad Habit Of Smoking

By Glossy Magazine

How To Help Kick The Bad Habit Of Smoking

How To Help Kick The Bad Habit Of Smoking

How To Help Kick The Bad Habit Of Smoking

Smoking is probably one of the worst habits that you can take up, along with drugs, gambling, or excessive drinking of alcohol. Smoking has a huge impact on your health and if you’re not aiming to cut your habit out any time soon, there will only be further damage caused.

With that being said, it’s harder to kick the habit than it is to just say ‘ok I’ll quit today’. Depending on how long you’ve been smoking or how frequently you smoke, you’re likely to struggle. However, it’s not impossible. Here are some top tips to help kick the bad habit of smoking this year.

Start limiting your funds

To help with quitting smoking, you must first try and limit the funds you’re spending on smoking. Smoking is an expensive habit nowadays and to smoke the same amount that you’ve been doing perhaps for more than a decade or so now, it’s something that impacts your bank balance in a big way.

With that being said, it’s worth trying to limit your funds so that you’ve only got so much to spend on cigarettes each week. The less you give yourself, the fewer cigarettes you’ll get to have access to as a result.

Don’t go cold turkey

Going cold turkey may work for a select few but for the most part, by going cold turkey, you’re likely going to get yourself into the position where you’re desperate to take a drag of a cigarette.

That, along with mood swings and other side effects of going cold turkey might not make you the best person to be around. With that being said, it’s not worth going cold turkey and instead, reducing your intake over time. This will help your body adjust to the change, rather than removing it completely.

Find other vices

While there are some vices out there that are not the best for you both financially and personally, they may often be a lot better than smoking. There are plenty of vices you could pick up that aren’t as bad for your health as smoking is. 

For example, picking up a new hobby whether that’s collecting items or joining a sports club, is something that you can create into a new vice.

Try alternatives like vaping

If you’re looking to try something that’s going to help quit smoking, then try an alternative like vaping. Whether you vape dry herb or you go for a tobacco-flavored vape juice, vaping has proven to be a useful alternative for kicking the smoking habit.

There are many smokers who have managed to quit smoking for good after taking up vaping instead.

Take it a day at a time

Finally, don’t be too hard on yourself when trying to bin this bad habit. It takes time and sometimes you’re going to take a step or two back. Take it a day at a time until you rid yourself of cigarettes completely.

Hopefully, these are the tips you need to kick the habit of smoking permanently this year.