How To Look After Your Skin Whilst Travelling

By Glossy Magazine

How To Look After Your Skin Whilst Travelling

How To Look After Your Skin Whilst Travelling

How To Look After Your Skin Whilst Travelling

Your skin can take a beating when you’re travelling. You’re going to be spending more time in the sun, you’re likely away from a constant source of water (your kitchen tap!), and current airline restrictions mean you can only take a little amount of your go-to moisturiser.

All of these factors put together make travelling quite tough on the largest organ in your body! That’s why we’ve put together a little list of ways to look after your skin whilst you’re away from home. If you’re concerned about skin damage in any way, use them to help plan your next trip.

If You’re Going to Pack Anything, Pack Sunscreen

Sunscreen is best for keeping skin safe – there’s really no doubt about that. If you want to pakc anything into your carry on when travelling, a high quality sunscreen spray is the thing to take. Not only does this stop UV rays from penetrating the skin, but these sprays act as great moisturisers as well. You’ll get two for the price of one and all in the same bottle!

Take a Skin-Friendly Lip Balm

Lip balm can be used on both lips and the skin, if the ingredients match up to the lotion you like to use on your face and hands. Again, this is another great way to double up on products and save some space (and liquid allowance) in your carry on. Something like Vaseline is a good shout for this kind of lip balm, as you can use this as a moisturiser in a pinch when you just need to address small patches of dry skin.

Pack a Reusable Bottle

If you’ve got a reusable bottle in your bag, you can refill it at your leisure. You won’t need to buy and carry around a load of dipsoable bottles either! Sure, this bottle will need to be empty when you first go through customs, but you can fill it up once you’re on the other side and then as much as you need to when you touch down. Of course, try to only use verifiably clean sources of water for this – your hotel tap should work just fine here.

Maintain a Good pH Level

Your skin’s pH usually maintains itself. However, if you’re travelling from one extreme climate to another, this is going to get disrupted. Say you’re off to Iceland and then in a week’s time you’re going to spend a few days in Colombia – that’s going to be rough on the skin, even outside of all that dry airport air! As such, pack a small amount of skin cleanser in your carry on to use frequently, and then mosturise on top of this using sunscreen or a bit of balm – either will work.

If you want to look after your skin whilst travelling, these are the tips that’ll help you do it. Don’t panic too much about dealing with ‘bad skin’, but help yourself out by packing products like those mentioned above.

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