How to look your best at your next party 

By Glossy Magazine

How to look your best at your next party evening dress

How to look your best at your next party 

How to look your best at your next party evening dress

Planning for a party can give you a headache if you don’t know what to wear. Even if you already have a fabulous wardrobe, it’s a challenge to find the right items to put your best foot forward.

With this in mind, we’ve written this short guide to help you. Keep reading for four tips that will make you look your best at your next party.

Dress for the occasion

The first thing you need to think about is the tone of the occasion. With this in mind, you will be better able to pick something that suits the event. 

For formal occasions, your aim should be to dazzle with an elegant ensemble – dress to impress and wear beautiful jewellery in gold and silver. Whereas at an informal event, your outfit needs to look laidback and easy going. There are also parties that lie somewhere in between – and your outfit should embrace the best of both worlds accordingly.

Try to consider the time of year and what the weather could be like. Your clothing styles, chosen fabrics, and accessories need to reflect the wider party environment.

Focus on your hairstyle 

Hairstyle makes a big difference to your appearance, framing your face and reflecting your personality. When it comes to perfecting your party look, pay special attention to your hairstyle.

For formal parties, you’re best wearing your hair up in an elegant style such as an updo, ponytail, or high bun. At semi-formal events you can go for a slightly messier and relaxed look. And informal parties are the perfect opportunity to experiment with eye-catching colours and the latest hairstyle fashions and trends.

Find the right dress

No two bodies are exactly alike, they generally fall into a small number of types. And each shape is more compatible with different styles of dresses. The most common body types are:

  • Apple – If your midsection has a rounder shape, you want to choose a dress that lengthens then appearance of your body and draws attention to your legs.
  • Pear – Many women have voluptuous lower halves, lending their figure a triangular shape. Dresses that add more volume to the torso will complement this body type best, as they will help the full body appear more balanced.
  • Athletic – If your shoulders are wider than your hips, then you can even out your proportions by choosing a dress that adds width to your lower body.
  • Hourglass – Try to choose an option that will draw attention to your slim waist. You can enhance this effect by wearing a sash or belt over your dress for extra definition.

When you know your body type and the style of dresses that best suit it, it’s simple to find a dress that highlights your best features and makes you feel confident.

Enjoy yourself!

People like to be around people who are having a good time, regardless of what they’re wearing. So don’t forget to enjoy yourself. Having a good time is one of the keys to looking your best. And the best part is that it doesn’t cost anything.